Attic Insulation Replacement (Cleanup, Decontamination & Restoration)

Is attic insulation replacement (cleanup, decontamination & restoration) needed at your house? There are many reasons to have the insulation in your attic replaced or restored. Here are a few:

  • Pest & rodent infestation (rat, raccoon, squirrel, scorpion).
  • Mold & fungus grown in the house or attic.
  • Old allergen filled insulation.
  • Damaged, or insufficient insulation coverage in attic.
  • Uncomfortable rooms (removal required to air seal & replace).
Attic Insulation replacement (cleanup, decontamination & restoration) in Austin TX

What is the cost to replace attic insulation & restore it?

The cost to replace attic insulation and restore it in Austin TX will depend on the square footage of the attic, difficulty of access for removal, amount of stuff (feces, mold, debris) in the insulation, and thickness of insulation to remove.

In Austin TX, we see insulation removal prices starting at $2.35 per sq ft with a $1,500 removal minimum. This would include the cost of a dumpster for hauling away and disposing of the contaminated insulation.

After the removal is done, you then have to look at the cost to fix the attic and re-install insulation properly. The cost to fix the attic ranges depending on what you need to have done.

Here are a few solutions that are frequently needed:

  • Sterilization & sanitation
  • Recessed light covers
  • Air sealing top plates & penetrations
  • Multi-level attic rigid insulation
  • Vent bathroom fans outside
  • Encapsulate ductwork
  • Gas exhaust pipe fireproofing
  • Fireplace fireproofing
  • Spray foam roof option
  • Install pest resistant insulation (not fiberglass)
  • Install fungal growth resistant insulation (not fiberglass)
  • Install the Energy Star level of insulation
  • Block pest entry points
  • Install insulated walkways
  • Install insulated storage deck
  • Install insulation dams
  • Install insulated, air sealed attic hatch cover

Attic insulation replacement & restoration is rarely done properly.

The market is flooded with companies trying to help uneducated homeowners with their attic insulation replacement & restoration. Often times the work that these contractors do does more harm than good. It is unintentional harm, but these contractors (Insulation, Pest Control, HVAC, Restoration) just don’t know any better.

Most contractors focus on vacuuming out the contaminated insulation, and replacing it with fiberglass. Allowing a contractor to simply re-install insulation without fixing the attic problems is a costly mistake.

You should hire a contractor who will remove the insulation, do attic cleanup and decontamination, then install the proper solutions (above) to fix the problems with your attic for home comfort & energy savings.

Does homeowners insurance cover attic restoration?

Whether or not your homeowners insurance will cover attic restoration will depend on your specific policy with your insurance company. It will also depend on what type of damage was done. For example, if you had fire or water damage, you have a good chance of them chipping in to do minimal repairs. But with animal infestation clean up from wildlife damage, you are not likely to get help.

The best bet is to get your insurance agent on the phone for an explanation of coverage with your insurance policy.

How much does attic decontamination cost in Austin TX?

The cost of attic decontamination will vary depending on the severity of the contamination. For example, cleaning up after raccoons may be more extensive. If the urine has penetrated into the ceiling drywall, the odor may be very hard to remove without replacing the drywall.

However, sterilizing and sanitizing an attic with in Austin usually starts at $0.50 per sq ft of attic for fecal & urine. If there is mold or other fungal growth you are looking at minimum of $2 per sq ft for treatment.

How to decontaminate an attic after raccoons or rats?

I’m often asked how to do attic cleanup and decontamination. The process is straightforward. Here is the general cleanup and decontamination process:

  1. Get the raccoons or rats out of your attic.
  2. Seal up entry points.
  3. Remove the breeding grounds and insulation.
  4. Decontaminate using fog sterilization & deodorizer.
  5. Fix the home comfort & energy savings problems.
  6. Install pest & fungal resistant insulation.
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