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Hi! My name is Shawn Mansur. I’m the owner of Stellrr. I created the 233-point Stellrr Home Performance Diagnostic Consult to assess the problems and uncover the steps needed to quickly and easily fix your home comfort problems.

Nearly 1/2 of the $2,200+ You Spend On Utility Bills is Wasted

It may be making your Austin TX area home uncomfortable, allergenic, pest friendly and drafty!

It’s true! Properly insulating the home can have up to 50% reduction in consumption. Energy is flowing out the attic, walls, and floors because of improper air sealing, bad attic air ducts,  and under-insulation.

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Here’s exactly what happens in the Diagnostic Consult:

1. First your consultant will ask you to show them around your home. Answer some diagnostic questions, and tell your consultant about all your concerns and everything you are experiencing. Based on your concerns, your consultant will make a short specific list of what you want Stellrr to accomplish for you. This way you will be clear, and we will be clear on your goals.

2. Your Design Consultant will  uncover all the problems your home’s energy system has. He will check for ‘unwanted’ air leaks, under-insulated areas, and much more. He will inspect the ceiling above your cooled area, your HVAC system, the floor below the conditioned area, walls inside, fireplace, and the exterior of the home.  He will find little known safety hazards. He will tell you whether or not they can be fixed. This includes hidden leaks in the attic and other difficult spaces.

3. Your Consultant determine if your homes energy performance level and whether your home is in good health. Oh, you’ve never thought of your home as having good or bad health. Well just like people, if a home is in bad health it can get your family sick and be expensive to maintain. Healthy energy performance and clean air are great for healthy wallets and for healthy people.

Yes, your home’s health can affect your and your family’s health. You track in dirt from the outside. And when a home is not properly sealed, rodents and their feces, dust mites, allergens, germs, car exhaust and pesticides enter into your home from the attic, walls, and floors. The HVAC blows these pollutants around and your family inhales it into their bodies.

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Properly Insulated and Air Sealed Homes Reduce Air Pollution, Save Money, and Make Your Home More Comfortable!

You’ve heard the hype about indoor air being more polluted than outdoor air. Well, it’s true. The main reason is because indoor air is trapped. Rarely does it get completely replaced.

Outdoor air on the other hand gets blown away and new cleaner air replaces it. Trapped indoor air gets pollutants in it from your unsealed attic, crawl space, plumbing entries, vents and more. They get sucked in. Then when someone walks over them or the AC turns on, they get re-dispersed into your air and you and your family breathe them. Over and over. That’s why indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

There is a way out of this vicious cycle. Getting your home air sealed and insulated properly greatly prevents these pollutants from getting trapped in your home.

4. Your Design Consultant will also measure the R-values of your insulation in your home. The R-value determines how well it prevents energy transfer. He will let you know how your home measures up to the current city and state building code requirements. He will share you options on how you can make your home more comfortable, and save money on energy bills.

5. After analyzing your home’s structure, you consultant will take you around the house and show you the problems the house has that need to be fixed to accomplish your goals. Your consultant will show you each work item that needs to be fixed, how much it costs, and ask if you want to put it in your shopping cart. 

There is absolutely No obligation. No teeny, tiny print. No strings attached. This will just give both you and me a way to get to know each other. You’ll get to see how we turn tired, old homes into plush, comfortable, healthy, energy savings stars.

If it all makes sense, if you are comfortable with the work, with your consultant, the company, the price, then we can get an installation date and schedule to get the work done.  But only if you choose.

You see, my company is going to be here for a long, long time. If we were ‘pushy’ or rude, we just wouldn’t make it. Plus that’s just not me! I make friends not enemies. And if you ever use my insulation services, I’ll be thrilled (and so will you). But if you don’t, that’s fine. There won’t be any hard feelings. Anyway. I back the Consult with our…

200% Money-Back No-Risk Guarantee! 

So if you are not satisfied with our diagnostic Consult, we will refund the money you paid for the Consult times two (2, double, 200%). 

That is how confident we are that the  Diagnostic Consult will be valuable for you. 

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“Yes! I want to Stellrr to do a Home Performance Diagnostic Consult. I want to uncover my home’s hidden problems. I also want to discuss hiring you to implement solutions that will fix my uncomfortable home. I understand that your services are “in-demand” and your time is limited. That’s why I’m acting now to take advantage of this gift certificate (a $212.65 value). I understand the Diagnostic Consult is $249, and I will save 85% with certificate code 212CREDIT. Please schedule me for an appointment.”


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