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Insulation Removal Services

Does your insulation look dirty, uneven, compacted? Do you have high energy bills?  How much pest poop is hiding in your attic? Are you irritated by uncomfortable rooms?  Is your home making you sick? 

Stellrr can transform your home into a comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy place for your family to enjoy life! The first step is to…

Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes

Uncover the Hidden Problems Impacting Your $$$ and Health

Is your home more than 10 years old?  Aging insulation loses its effective R-value when it gets dirty, moved around, or compressed. Fiberglass or cellulose insulation over 10 years old is likely only 20-40% of today’s R-49 code minimum.

Ignoring attic insulation problems is a costly mistake. Sub-par attics require more expensive: HVAC units, pest control, replacement windows, solar panels, and much more! Check this out…

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Smart Money Guarantee

Popular Post-Removal Upgrades

Is it worth getting these upgrades?  It is when you know Stellrr backs our solutions with our Smart Money Guarantee.  What does that mean?  It means you will save the amount the Energy Efficiency upgrades cost in less than ten years, OR WE REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE!  That is Stellrr’s Smart Money Guarantee.

Spray Foam Install

Blown Fiber Install

An Austin Texas Original Since 2014
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Control Your Home's Air Quality with Stellrr's Space Age Cleanse

Discover the truth about what is going on in your attic. You will be surprised by how many house problems are impacted by Stellrr’s solutions. 

Unlike the “other guys,” we don’t believe in Putting Lipstick on a Pig! We believe in fixing it right to last a lifetime.  Watch Shawn’s video training on the 10-Insulation Secrets Contractors Don’t Want You to Know!  Find out…

Stellrr's Process Works

Your Ideal Removal In 3 Easy Steps

Stellrr’s founder Shawn and his team want to give you the best experience possible. If you’ve seen an episode of HGTV, you know that retrofit construction on a home isn’t pain-free. We’ve optimized our process to put your mind at ease while we work toward the end result. Here’s how we do it:

1. Diagnostic Consult & Project Estimate

2. Stellrr Preforms Your Space Age Cleanse

3. Celebrate Your Transformed Home

Price Assurance Guarantee

Removal Project Pricing

Stellrr guarantees our price is the lowest available for the work specified. If you find a lower price for the same work package before our installation, we will do our best to match it. Apples to Apples. We stand by every aspect of our work, including the price.  That is Stellrr’s Price Assurance Guarantee!

Space Age Cleanse - $9k

3 - 4 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic. You have a more complex attic requiring several solutions. Full vacuum removal, address knee walls, bath fan ducting, sanitizing, fire ignition barrier coating, HVAC combustion air room, R-25+ open cell spray foam, SaniDry dehumidifier...

Dr. Energy Saver - $6k

2 - 3 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic. Easy attic. Remove old insulation, full air seal, and blow R-60 pest-stop cellulose. NO knee walls, chases, air-duct encapsulation, or major complications. You can expect good results, however, the ductwork is not brought into a semi-conditioned environment.

Removal Only - $2k

1 - 2 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic. You only want the old insulation removed. You are not ready to hire Stellrr (or another company) to install new insulation. This is for standard, uncompacted, debris free insulation. There is no sterilization or sanitizing. This solution removes existing allergens and has a net positive impact on IAQ.

*Prices are averages and will vary depending on the size of your attic or crawlspace, the pitch of your roof, how difficult the space is to work and the exact upgrades needed to achieve your goals. You will receive an exact quote for your unique attic during the in-home diagnostic consultation.

Video Gallery

On The Job Videos

Get a sneak peak at what we do on a project and why we do it. These short videos are fun and entertaining. 

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Stellrr's Work

Get to know Stellrr and our work with these close up shots of what we do. By now you’ve heard us say there are 93 different Problem Building Assemblies we fix in an attic. Here is a better look at a few of Stellrr’s solutions.

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What Clients Are Saying

Jeff M.
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Earlier this year, my wife and I hired Stellrr to remove all the spray-in [loose fill fiberglass] insulation from our attic and come back in with deck foam spray. Our goal was to resolve an issue with condensation that formed on the 1959 metal ductwork which pooled and created leaks in our ceiling. Our attic is now approximately 10 degrees warmer than the interior of the home.  It's now summer with temps hitting 100 degrees in central Texas and we could not be happier.
Susan H
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After getting multiple bids with a huge disparity in quotes I opted to hire Stellrr and am very happy I did! Both Wayne and Shawn were very helpful and informative in choosing the best option for my attic space as well as providing great customer service!
Kellie G.
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We highly recommend family owned Stellrr Insulation. They covered [and air sealed] our can/ recessed lights added additional spray foam insulation for us and sealed up our home to save us $$ and keep it cooler and warmer. We were so impressed with their professionalism and their follow up. NO harmful chemicals. We got immediate callbacks and personal meetings. Shawn, Wayne, Shelly & Violet took great care of our family.
Jeff C.
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The Stellrr team did a stellar job with the install spray foam insulation in our attic. I had measured temperatures on the attic side of the metal roof to be over 130 degrees! I just checked again, and now it's 75 degrees without air conditioning it! All of my questions were answered in detail and the job went without a hitch. The temperature in the house is much more stable because of the air barrier. The HVAC comes on much less frequently...
David P.
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The estimating process was transparent and efficient; the pricing fair (you are paying for excellence); customer service as friendly as could be (Stellrr even brought me back lunch on the first day); and the workmanship first rate, with a rare level of conscientiousness and attention to detail. Great friendly crew. Seriously, don't spend time shopping around: just select Stellrr .
Chris H
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Stellrr did an amazing job on insulating my completely gutted "A" Frame [cathedral ceiling] house. I had some special requests and they didn't complain, the just foamed it up. After the remodel the electricity bills are 1/2 of what they used to be. Also it is so quiet, I can't even hear it raining on the roof [because of the spray foam encapsulated attic and roof spray foam insulation in Austin]. The temperature stays very steady and the whole house is always comfortable.
About Us

Meet the Founder & Author

Shawn Mansur shares his mission, vision and what he believes about fixing homes around Austin. If you are serious about getting results on your attic project, don’t miss this video!

Stellrr is a local Austin-founded and owned company. We are not a franchise sending money off to people outside our community. We re-invest back into our community. Building a stronger Austin. 


Commonly Asked Attic Questions

According to statistics from EPA's Energy Star Association, energy bills can be cut by 30-50% with a properly sealed building envelope versus a vented one. The initial cost of the spray insulation should be seen as an investment as it will pay for itself over time.

Absolutely! The biggest expense when converting an attic would be to install closed cell foam instead of open cell foam. In northern climate zones closed cell is required. However, in central Texas open cell is the primary foam. Using open cell drops the cost of foam by 1/2.   Other than this item, what we include in our proposals is what is required to do the job right. And it is best to do it right, or not do it at all. 

The price depends on the size of the attic, scope of work required to do it right, and the difficulty of the work. We have fixed pricing and do not charge more for nicer parts of town. Everyone gets the same rate. With that said, you can see the 3 main project types pricing above. 

Stellrr uses an industrial sucker. It is like a mini jet engine. Actually, it is just a huge 23HP vacuum. We bring a 4-inch tube into the attic and suck the insulation out of the house, to our vacuum, and into a container. Our super safety process minimizes airborne dust, allergens, carcinogens, asbestos, pesticides, and mold from entering your living area.

We use a proprietary Dumposaurus DinoCover to ensure the insulation does not blow all over the neighborhood. Some companies blow the old insulation into large cotton bags. (Not the black plastic bags full of debris that cannot be vacuumed). The problem with vacuum bags is they tear easily and fill up quickly. This can result in insulation blowing all over the neighborhood. Not great work results. It also greatly slows the removal process because the vacuum bags have to be changed every 20 minutes. I do make the Dumposaurus DinoCover available to competitor Insulation Contractors.

Sure. You could. But each person who has tried DIYing it, has told us what a mistake it was. It is so hot in attics that it takes weeks for our men to acclimate to it. Plus you really need the right equipment. We use 23 horse power vacuums and blow it into large dumpsters. People who DIY have used shop vacs. The difference is 1,000 sq ft per day of removal versus 100 sq ft per day DIY.


A few questions to keep in mind: 

  1. How to handle pest and rodent infested insulation to avoid fecal matter diseases?
  2. What is the proper way to safely remove asbestos, and where must asbestos go once removed?
  3. What is the proper personal protective equipment for you to wear?
  4. How do you avoid damaging the ceiling or stepping through the ceiling?

Stellrr accepts payment via cash, card, check, and easy financing. On our financing you can pay a low monthly payment or get the loan and pay no interest. Your Solutions Specialist can review the options with you in person.

The good news is that what we do will pay for itself in time. Unlike most other home repairs. We do have a Smart Money Guarantee. It states that you will save the cost to retrofit your home within 10 years, or we will REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE. For more details, check out the Cost of Not Hiring Stellrr FAQ page. 

Batt insulation requires a different process that involves 55g plastic contractor bags being brought into the attic. The infected insulation is safely placed in the bags, sealed up, and remove insulation from the building. It is placed in the dumpster when the vacuum is turned off. This method still requires professional level safety processes to avoid health hazards and contamination.


An Office Where You Can Meet Us in Person

SERVICE AREA: Stellrr offices are in South Austin, but we have a wide service area. We regularly take on projects from Taylor to Bastrop to Canyon Lake to Fredericksburg to Marble Falls. So if you are within 60 miles of Austin, we can help you out. There is hope if you are outside the area. We will travel for the right project. Let’s talk about it. 

Get The Comfortable and Efficient, Healthy Home You Deserve!

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