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Everyone claims to be the #1 Austin spray foam & insulation contractor. At Stellrr, WE TRY HARDER TO BE YOUR #1 in all things home comfort & energy efficiency.

We believe in educating our insulation clients on how to make an informed and intelligent decision when choosing an Austin insulation installer like us. We recommend you…

Discover the Secrets You MUST KNOW Before Hiring Spray Foam Insulation Austin Tx Companies!

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Are you looking for insulation installation or removal in Austin Tx? If so, you’re about to discover everything you need to know about getting the job done right for the best price around Austin Texas. Click “get instant access” for your complimentary insider information!

WARNING: Do NOT Call Any Austin Spray Foam Insulation Or Blown Attic Insulation Contractor Before You Read This.

Why the drastic precautions?

The insulation installer business around Austin Texas is one of a few industries that is not well regulated. This includes: spray foam, cellulose, fiberglass, gutters, removal, radiant barrier, replacement windows, soundproofing, and more. This is especially challenging when working in crawlspaces, attics, and walls. The state of Texas does not require any licensing. The industry has a very low barrier to entry so anyone can call themselves a “professional” with no legitimacy behind the claim.

These are people who come to your house and work on one of the biggest and most important Austin energy savings and comfort systems in your building. The aftermath of their work can be very dangerous and even render your building un-livable. Yes, a bad install can make a building un-inhabitable until you have all the insulation removed, and hauled off in Austin dumpster rentals. If the “pro” fails to install their solution properly, use the equipment correctly, and ensure your family’s health and safety you could be in serious trouble.

What Austin Insulation & Spray Foam Insulation Austin Companies Do NOT Want You To Know

It seems like every month there is a new nightmare story in the headlines about crimes being committed, about customers being sold more than they need, and exposes on the Bait-and-Switch spray foam insulation Austin companies preying on consumers with deep discount offers to get their foot in the door and then perform hard sell tactics on unsuspecting consumers into large bills the consumer feels must paid.

When searching online for “insulation Austin” “spray foam insulation Austin” “crawlspace encapsulation Austin“, “attic insulation Austin” “insulation removal Austin” “replacement windows Austin” or “soundproofing Austin” you can’t really tell who the great insulation contractors in Austin are, or the ones you should avoid. 

Top notch companies try hard to distinguish themselves from the fly-by-night attic insulation scammers who use dangerous procedures, hard-sell tactics, and have dishonest employees.

There are over 43 different insulation companies serving the Austin TX area including: Key Insulation, Hinkle, Installed Building Products (IBP), Garland, Cool Insulation, USI Chase (aka Synergy), Austin Contractor Services, Attic Dr, BioTex Foam, Hill Country, FoamIt Now, Payless, Green Collar Operations, and many more!

Many Austin insulation pros make confusing and misleading claims about what they do. It pays to learn some basic insulation facts first. I published the following guide (and 6-BONUS reports) to help you…

Avoid The Pricy Mistake of Hiring the WRONG Austin Insulation Contractor!

It can cost you money, time and stress (and even harm your health).

The “Ultimate Consumer Awareness Guide to Insulation Installation” will help you learn everything you need to know about getting the right insulation installed the correct way, by the right professional, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you get value for the money you invest in your building.

You will discover insider secrets on how we fix these problems:

spray foam insulation Austin Tx attic

This report was designed to help you understand the insulation industry so you can make a smart and informed choice.

We are very passionate about the insulation industry and have dedicated our business to teaching consumers. If you have any questions on insulation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 512-520-0044.

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Stellrr’s – Austin Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation installation

Blown-in insulation installation

Removal of old or rodent damaged insulation

Crawlspace insulation & encapsulation

Wall insulation replacement & drill-n-fill

Air sealing & dehumidifiers

Cathedral ceiling insulation

Room above garage ceiling insulation

Air duct sealing & insulation

Sound proofing solutions

and much more!

What Stellrr’s Spray Foam Insulation Austin & Blown Insulation Clients Are Saying

The Stellrr team did a stellar job installing spray foam in our attic. Our home is a single story 3000sf ranch style home and the job took about 3 days to complete. We have a metal roof and it must have been a significant challenge for the installers to navigate around in the close confines, stepping over and under the duct work while stepping though the deep blown-in insulation to stand on the ceiling joists. Not to mention, I had measured temperatures on the attic side of the metal roof to be over 130 degrees! I just checked again, and now it’s 75 degrees! All of my questions were answered in detail and the job went without a hitch. We had to move out of the house for several days while they worked and everything went like clockwork. We can really tell a difference already. The temperature in the house is much more stable and the HVAC comes on much less frequently. It’s even quieter inside! We can’t wait to see our lower energy bills. I would absolutely recommend Stellrr to anyone who needs spray foam insulation.

— Jeff C. from Bastrop on Yelp

We highly recommend family owned Stellrr Insulation. The owners personally worked with us and their kids. They covered [and air sealed] our can/ recessed lights added additional insulation for us and sealed up our home to save us $$ and keep it cooler and warmer. We were so impressed with their professionalism and their follow up. We got immediate callbacks and personal meetings. Price was right and military and senior friendly. Shawn, Wayne, Shelly & Violet took great care of our family.

— Kellie G from Salado on Yelp

Stellrr is truly outstanding! The quality of the work merits the very highest of recommendations. (I only write long reviews when I’m greatly impressed by companies, and Stellrr demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and pride in the work.) I can speak to Stellrr’s skill with both closed cell and open cell foam because the scope of work was the application of closed cell foam on the underside of a late 1970s-built pier and beam home [crawlspace], and open cell in the attic. The backstory in a sentence: independently of each other, a home inspector, a structural inspector and an environmental inspector had all recommended closed cell foam as the best way to resolve the home’s rising moisture and vapor issue, which led me to Stellrr (the decision to have the attic work done was taken after I had met Shawn at the on-site estimate). Now to the work: on the first day, four-decade-old batt insulation was removed and hauled away. The removal of critter-damaged batt insulation framed in screwed-in chicken wire in a two-foot-high crawl space must rank among the most unpleasant tasks an insulator ever has to do, but Stellrr’s attitude was superb (I was, frankly, amazed by it). On the second day, Stellrr applied open cell foam to the attic (the batt there had also been removed on day one) and built an attic closet (well worth the expense) – within 36 hours the humidity level plummeted (even more than I hoped it would!) On the third day, Stellrr applied closed cell foam to the underside of the home, and within 48 hours the home smelled normal, meaning the air-quality problem was solved (thank you, thank you, thank you!) Stellrr was always a delight to work with: the website is full of advice; communication was superb from the outset; the estimating process was transparent and efficient; the pricing fair (you are paying for excellence); customer service as friendly as could be (Stellrr even brought me back lunch on the first day); and the workmanship first rate, with a rare level of conscientiousness and attention to detail. Seriously, don’t spend time shopping around: just select Stellrr.

— David P. from Westlake Hills on Yelp

Earlier this year, my wife and I hired Stellrr to remove all the spray-in [loose fill fiberglass] insulation from our attic and come back in with deck foam spray [closed cell spray foam on the underside of the roof deck]. Our goal was to resolve an issue with condensation that formed on the 1959 metal ductwork which pooled and created leaks in our ceiling.  Wayne, Shawn and the entire crew were friendly, helpful, and very conscientious!  Wayne took the time to give us a tour of their rig and described exactly what went into the product and process.  Our attic is now approximately 10 degrees warmer than the interior of the home.  It’s now summer with temps hitting 100 degrees and we could not be happier.  We HIGHLY recommend Stellrr!!  A+++  Thanks very much!!

Jeff M. from Austin on Yelp

Stellrr did an amazing job on insulating my completely gutted “A” Frame [cathedral ceiling] house. I had some special requests and they didn’t complain, the just foamed it up. After the remodel the electricity bills are 1/2 of what they used to be. Also it is so quiet, I can’t even hear it raining on the roof [because of the spray foam encapsulated attic and roof]. The temperature stays very steady and the whole house is always comfortable. Stellrr also [sprayed closed cell foam on] did the ceiling in my car trailer… wow, what a difference. Never seems hot in the trailer, even when its 95 degrees outside. Great product and totally worth it. I will use them again!

Chris H from Spicewood on Yelp

We have an old repo home that we were in the process of remodeling.  As it was on pier and beam the floors [over the crawlspace] were very cold in the winter.  After several calls and getting [insulation] estimates Stellr was the company we chose to go with.  They were not the absolute cheapest but I had the best feeling after talking with them about our project.  They got the [crawlspace closed cell spray foam insulation] work done as promised and we couldn’t be happier.  They did an excellent job and I could whole-heartedly recommend them.  We actually ended up using them again for another small project we had and it was handled in the same professional manner even though it was a small job with, I’m sure, an equally small profit margin.  Thank you Stellr for helping keep our feet warm and toasty these last couple of cold spells.

Craig K. from Liberty Hill on Yelp

Frequently Asked Questions For Spray Foam Insulation in Austin Tx

Q. How much does spray-on foam insulation cost?
A. For spray foam insulation, you can expect to pay $6,000-$12,000 on an average home. If you’re to narrow down the different parts of the home, the average costs could differ significantly. For closed-cell foam, you can between $1.70 to $2.5 and $0.44 to $0.65 per board form for open-cell foam.

Q. Is spray in foam insulation worth it?
A. According to statistics from EPA’s Energy Star Association, energy bills can be cut by as much as 20% when there are no air leaks and there is sufficient insulation installed in a home. The initial cost of the spray insulation should be seen as an investment as it will pay for itself over time.

Q. What are the disadvantages of spray foam insulation?
A. It takes time to pay for itself
The installation process takes longer
The process can be messy
It’s not DIY-friendly
Higher upfront cost

Best-Rated Austin Spray Foam Insulation Company

Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam is located on 401 Congress Ave #1540, Austin. From Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) head southwest on Presidential Blvd toward Service Dr and slight right onto Service Dr. Then turn right onto Hotel Dr and turn right onto Spirit of Texas Dr. Next, turn left to merge onto TX-71 W and keep left to continue on TX-71 W/E Ben White Blvd. After that, take the exit onto I-35 N/US-290 E toward Waco and take exit 234C toward 6th St/12th St to merge onto N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. At this point, turn left onto E 6th St and turn left onto Congress Ave. Finally, turn left at the 1st cross street onto E 5th St and Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam will be on your right.

We’re open Mo-Su 6:00AM – 10:00PM.

For additional questions you can call us at (512) 520-0044 or you can find us on Yelp.