Garage Insulation Price Calculators

Garage prices are averages and will vary depending on the size of your attic, the pitch of your roof, how difficult the space is to work, and the exact upgrades needed to achieve your goals. During the on-site diagnostic consultation, you will receive an exact quote for your unique building. 

Garage Insulation Options

Which Garage Solution is Best for You?

Closed Cell Foam

If your garage is a metal building, then closed cell is the best option.

Open Cell Foam

For great performance with a stick framed garage, open cell is a great option. Plus, with proper fire safety Thermal Barrier intumescent coatings you can store things in the garage attic safely.

Blown Fiberglass

The least effective and least pricy option is fiberglass. It only stops one of the three types of heat, but it is better than having nothing in your garage for insulation.

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