Stellrr Insulation Financing

Stellrr works with MoreHouse Finance, which is part of EnerBankUSA. To finance your project, call (800) 327-5165. Use Contractor ID #602. The loan code is DMH4322 for traditional installment loans.

Good News on Finance

  • There are many payment options!
  • No-prepayment penalties!
  • Quick credit answers!
  • No closing, application or appraisal costs!
  • Will not tie up home equity or credit lines!
  • And more!
Return on Investment

Is It A Good Use Of My Money Right Now?


Traditional Installment Loan: * Credit and loans provided by Regions Bank d/b/a EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (650 S Main St, Suite 1000, Salt Lake City, UT 84101) on approved credit, for a limited time. 8.99% to 15.99% fixed APR, subject to change. Minimum loan amounts apply. Interest starts accruing when funds are disbursed. Open line period payments due 90 days after origination and monthly thereafter during open line period. When open line period ends, the balance becomes a fixed rate installment loan; repayment terms vary from 12 to 144 months. Actual loan term may be shorter if less than the full approved amount of credit is used. First monthly loan payment due 30 days from the end of the open line period.

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