Hi. I’m Shawn Mansur. Founder of Stellrr. I’ve secretly been obsessed with insulation since I was a kid in the 80s.

Texas A&M was testing spray foam roofing systems on buildings. Intrigued, my dad decided to convert his office in El Paso from a flat tar roof to a foam roof.  This innovative roofing system made a big impact. The foamed roof is still in service. That’s a long life. 

Fast forward to 2016, I sold my first waste management & recycling company. Then I started Stellrr. 

My mission has always been to Change Lives. I believed I could change lives with insulation.  But I was wrong.

What happened instead is we did what clients requested. We did what our competition did. Mostly putting lipstick on a pig.

The lack of life changing results had me feeling depressed. I was missing something, but I couldn’t figure out what I needed to change. 

Until one day, I connected with the Yoda of insulation. My friend Larry Janesky has 31 patents. All related to fixing home attic, crawlspace & basement problems.

He transformed my understanding of building science. Looking at the home as a system. 

I discovered fixing my client’s home isn’t about insulation. It is all about cleansing homes.

When we started cleansing homes we achieved life changing results every time. I finally feel like we are achieving my mission. Changing lives, cleansing homes. 

At Stellrr we are not insulators. We are cleansers.

Stellrr is a young, fast growth organization. My goal is to never sell to a publicly traded company. My goal is to keep Stellrr as a family business. My wife Shelley, both my mom & dad work in the business. My goal is to raise my kids up to be worthy of working with the Stellrr team.

We are building something awesome here! I hope my team & I earn the opportunity to serve you. Thank you. 

Howdy! Thank you for reading my site Stellrr.com. My name is Shawn Mansur. I am confident that by taking advantage of the resources I have published on this site, you will be able to easily avoid getting mislead and tricked into overpaying for insulation services.

What is Stellrr Insulation of Austin TX doing DIFFERENT than every other installer?

1. With every purchase we donate 10% of our profits to the cause of your choice. 

You decide which supported cause you care most about and we will donate on your behalf. Our most popular causes include: breast cancer, hunger, military veterans, animal rescue, youth art, autism, clean water, environment, cancer, and bullying. Choose your cause here.

2. You are protected with our 200% No-Risk Guarantee.

Stellrr has the strongest guarantee in Texas. Most installers don’t even guarantee their work. You will be delighted with our Diagnostic Audit service, we will make it right, or refund you up to 200%. Read the Guarantee here.

3. Stellrr technicians either have certifications from NIA and/or SPFA, are doing continuing education to stay on the cutting edge, or are in progress of receiving certification. You can rest assured that we will know what to do, how to do it right for the minimum expense, and act in accordance with high ethical standards of practice.

4. A full 233-point Stellrr Energy Performance Diagnostic Audit is performed. Then a written quote and recommendations are made so you understand how we can help you meet your goals and there are no-surprise costs. Discover what you get in the Audit here.

5. We provide a list of third-party ratings and reviews for our company.

6. The bottom-line price is provided upfront. We are not the cheapest option because we provide excellent service and quality. We do not falsely inflate our prices to offer fake discounts like many others advertise. We are up-front about essential versus optional solutions.

7. All employees have an extensive background check, drug testing, uniforms, and cleanliness requirements as a condition of employment. We only hire great friendly honest people so you can have peace of mind that we will be safe and enjoy letting us serve you.

8. Cleanliness and organization is something we take very seriously. Our service vehicles and insulation laboratories are kept clean, and organized. Likewise, we clean up your building when we are done so it is like we were never there.

9. We are members of several local trade associations (NARI, HBA, CBUSA, AGC) to be involved with the community, strengthen relationships, and stay abreast in today’s fast changing market.


10. And much more. Download the “Critical Insulation Contractor Comparison Checklist” here. You’ll discover the 24-criterias to look for in a good insulation installer. Plus you will learn why each checklist item is important (or not) to you, then easily compare companies.

That is what makes Stellrr unique among the Austin insulation installers. We will install your insulation the right way and provide a great value for your money. With our expertise and commitment we guarantee to provide you with a delightful experience.

With gratitude,


Shawn Mansur, Founder and Author

Download your FREE Austin Insulation Contractor COMPARISON Report now! 


Download your FREE Austin Insulation Reports now! 

Critical Insulation Contractor Comparison Checklist