About Stellrr. Our Vision, Mission & Values.

Change Lives by Cleansing Homes! 

We believe that if a home is sick, it is only a matter of time until the people are sick too!  We cleanse uncomfortable, inefficient & unhealthy homes.  So clients can control their environment. Enjoy a happier, healthier family.  We are Cleansers!


Be the Cleanser of choice. Daily giving WOW Service to clients & our teams.

We do what is promised.  We are prepared.  We do it right the first time. If we mess up, we fess up & fix up.  We work together as One team.

We believe the home should be self-cleansing, creating a low-maintenance, healthy space for the people and the planet. The foundation for saving the planet starts at home. 


Shawn Mansur earned the Boy Scouts rank of Eagle Scout in 2000.  Scouting in his youth instilled the values & principles that guide Shawn & our teams today. Our values include being:


    • Leadership

    • Education

    • Innovation


    • Integrity

    • Growth

    • WOW Service

What it Means to You


    • Fair, honest, pre-set pricing

    • Prompt, thorough, courteous service

    • Experienced, highly-trained, professional staff

    • Patented, reliable, innovative products you can trust

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