What to Expect; the Stellrr Difference

Learn more about the experience you’ll have working with Stellrr. 

Education & Honesty

We believe it is important for you to make an intelligent and informed decision about repairing and restoring your home. When your Stellrr Solutions Specialist visits your home, you will get a thorough inspection. Plus, the Specialist will explain each solution and why we recommend it. We have 93 different solutions for fixing homes. If we can’t fix it, we will tell you.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We have 93 solutions to fix problem building assemblies. Our team is trained to uncover the problems and best solutions for each specific problem in your home.  

Transparent Pricing

We provide no obligation estimates for fixing your home. The price is calculated by custom software to ensure accurate and fair prices for each client. We do not falsely inflate our prices to offer fake discounts. We also do not propose work that puts a bandaid on the problem instead of fixing it. 

Easy Scheduling & Project Preparation

We have an incredible office team who are dedicated to follow up with you and scheduling your project when you are ready. You will receive a breakdown of the work to be done, any special instructions, and what to expect before and after your project. 

Quality & Efficiency

We understand that the project puts clients out of their usual routine. We have invested in the best equipment and people so that we complete the job quickly and accurately. Unlike most competitors who work primarily in new construction. We install and remove insulation to fix existing attics, crawlspaces, and walls everyday . So we are used to the added difficulty and get the job done faster than the competition.

Trained Expert Crews 

Each crew member participates in thorough onboarding and ongoing training. We hire the top preforming installers with years of experience. Then we take them to the next level with Stellrr. This ensures excellence in every project.  Our Solutions Specialists and Crew Leaders review each project before starting. This ensures special instructions are met and promises are delivered on. 

Clear Communication & Follow-up

Each crew is instructed to keep you updated throughout the project. We ask for your feedback and approval to ensure we are meeting your expectations. We also ask for your feedback on the crew to ensure everything went well. If you want all Stellrr Executives to know something, you can fill out our review report here.

Minimal Disruption

Having construction work done at your home can be messy. We do everything reasonably possible to reduce disruption. Our crews protect the areas where we work with plastic, add ventilation fans to reduce odors, and clean up afterward. There is not another Austin spray foam insulation company that tries harder to keep your house clean.  

Ongoing Maintenance

We are committed to keeping your Stellrr Solutions working effectively for many years to come. Our Service Team completes scheduled annual and urgent maintenance work. 


The solutions we install have best in class warranties. Additionally, using our annual maintenance schedule will help prevent serious issues and will help your solutions last as long as possible. 

Check Out Stellrr’s Vision, Mission, & Values. You’ll Discover What We Believe and More Here!

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