Crawlspace Price Calculator

Crawlspace Insulation Prices are averages and will vary depending on the size of your crawlspace, the height of your crawlspace, how difficult the space is to work, and the exact upgrades needed to achieve your goals. During the in-home diagnostic consultation, you will receive an exact quote for your unique crawlspace.

Crawlspace Options

Three Crawlspace Solution Options

CleanSpace Cleanse ~ $9k

3 - 4 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft crawlspace encapsulation. You have a more complex crawlspace requiring several solutions. Full removal, address groundwater drainage, separate the house from the earth, insulate, mechanically manage humidity with the SaniDry dehumidifier...

Vented Crawlspace Changeout ~ $6k

2 - 3 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft crawlspace. Easy access. REMOVE old insulation, R-13 closed cell sprayed to the subfloor. NO groundwater concerns, no skirting or airflow issues, no air-duct encapsulation, or major complications. You can expect decent results for keeping your feet warm, but moisture will still be an issue, and your floor joists could rott out. Do not install vinyl flooring!

Closed Cell Only ~ $4k

1 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft of crawlspace. Easy access. Only install R-13 closed cell to the subfloor. No removal, no other concerns addressed. Do not install vinyl flooring.

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