New Construction Price Calculators

*Prices are averages and will vary depending on the size of your attic, the pitch of your roof, how difficult the space is to work and the exact upgrades needed to achieve your goals. You will receive an exact quote for your unique building during the on-site diagnostic consultation.

New Construction Options

Which New Construction Insulation Fits Your Project Needs?

Closed-Cell Spray Foam New Build

Closed cell spray foam is most used in metal buildings, on concrete or rock walls, and in crawlspaces. Basically, if there is a concern about rainwater or moisture, then closed cell is the right option. Closed cell is the only FEMA Class 5 rated insulation, meaning it can be submerged in water for 48-hours with zero degredation.

Open-Cell Foam New Build

Open cell spray foam is the most used foam in climate zone 2 (Austin area). It is appropriate for traditional stick built buildings, but not for metal buildings. Foam blocks all three types of heat whereas fiberglass only blocks one type of heat. If you are paying the utility bills or dealing with comfort issues, then foam is the best solution.

Fiberglass New Build

Fiberglass batt and blow in a new construction building is usually the fastest install of all three options. Wall batt insulation is installed in one stage and then attic blown fiberglass happens after the drywall is hung. The drawback to fiberglass is that it is the least effective insulator. If you plan to pay for the utility bills or deal with comfort issues, then I would recomend spray foam.

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