Service Visit, Maintenance or Troubleshooting

Let us find the problems before they find you.

Your SaniDry Dehumidifiers are high performance machines. Each SaniDry should be serviced annually to protect your investment and keep it working properly!

If you also have a SmartSump, you know that dirt and sediment build-up in a sump pump liner. That can cause pump failure and if that happens you get flooded. Your sump pump is an electro-mechanical device that needs to be maintained just like your car.

Neglecting to get your pump serviced can result in water in your crawlspace. Even with a generator, a dead pump or blocked discharge line will do you no good. Even our battery back-up pump system needs to be run tested and have the batteries checked.

Annual service details:

Light Service SaniDry Only Maintenance Details

  • Check refrigeration system and cold coil operation.
  • Inspect blower.
  • Inspect and clean heat exchange core.
  • Verify discharge.
  • Change filter (to NEW “duet” carbon filter).
  • Adjust controls as necessary.

Encapsulation System Maintenance Details

  • Check pump operation – float switch, intake, check valve, and impeller.
  • Clean sump liner of silt and sediment.
  • Change the batteries in your WaterWatch┬« alarm (should be done annually).
  • Check the discharge line for potential problems.
  • Inspect space for signs of problems and suggest/implement solutions.
  • Check the CleanSpace┬« liner.
  • Check spray foam seal to walls and roof.
  • Inspect combustion room, access door & ventilation.
  • Provide any recommendations as needed.

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