Attic Price Calculators

Attic insulation prices are averages and will vary depending on the size of your attic, the pitch of your roof, how difficult the space is to work and the exact upgrades needed to achieve your goals. During the in-home diagnostic consultation, you will receive an exact quote for your unique attic. 

Three Attic Solutions

What are the Problems & Benefits of Each Option?

Space Age Cleanse ~ $9k

3 - 4 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic.

You have a more complex attic requiring several solutions.

Full vacuum removal, fix knee walls, bath fan ducting, sanitizing, fire barrier coating, HVAC combustion air room, R-25+ open cell spray foam, SaniDry dehumidifier... (see 5 price ingredients below)


Dr. Energy Saver ~ $6k

2 - 3 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic.

Easy attic. Remove old insulation, full air seal, and blow R-60 pest-stop cellulose.

NO knee walls, chases, air-duct encapsulation, or major complications.

You can expect good results, however, the ductwork is not brought into a semi-conditioned environment.


Lipstick on a Pig ~ $2k

1/2 - 1 day process. Includes 1,000 sq ft attic.

Your home is less than 5 years old. You have zero problems. You only want to ADD insulation to meet the code minimum of R-49.

There is NO expectation of improving comfort or energy efficiency. This solution traps existing allergens and has a net negative impact on IAQ.


5 PRICE Ingredients of the Space Age Cleanse Recipe

The essential ingredients that many insulation contractors “forget” to estimate because they’re trying to win based on having the lowest price.

1. Energy Efficiency ($2,500 – $4,100)

This ingredient to the system does all the heavy lifting for making your home comfortable and efficient. This is installing the insulation that creates the thermal and air boundary in your attic. Most importantly, this is about moving your air ductwork from a 135* enviroment into a semi-conditioned place that is 5-8* different from the temperature inside your home.

2. Indoor Air Quality ($1,750 – $2,600)

A pre-requisite to encapsulating an attic is to remove all existing insulation from the attic floor. This means everything nested in your attic insulation is gone as well, all the allergens, feces, and urine. By removing the old, and sanitizing, a fresh clean, healthy enviroment is created. The old allergens that drifted into the indoor air are gone. This dramatically improves indoor air quality for all seasons of the year.

3. Moisture Management ($1,850 – $2,750)

When the attic is encapsulated, you can now regulate the humidity. “Seal it tight, ventilate it right.” As a home becomes more efficient the HVAC won’t run as much, which means less humidity is removed from the air in the more moderate temperature months. SaniDry is recommended in every Austin area attic to help manage humidity not only in the attic, but in the home below as well. Secondly. all bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans must be ducted outside. If they are currently dumping moist air into the attic, this is a problem we must address as well.

4. Combustion Ventilation ($0 – $1,650)

If your home uses a gas or propane fueled HVAC or Water Heater (WH), we must properly address the combustion requirements. Most HVAC and WH units use the attic for make-up and exhaust air. This is the case for interior closet placed units as well as attic placed units. We create a ventilation system so we can seal the building envelope, while still supplying the required ventilation to the unit. Ventilation allows the unit to function properly, and avoid backdrafting carbon monoxide.

5. Fire Safety Protection ($1,250 – $2,300)

When installing spray foam (a plastic material) in the home, there are fire safety codes that must be followed. If your attic is more than 30-inches tall and 30-square feet, then an Ignition Barrier is required by building code. If the attic meets other qualifications, a Thermal Barrier is required. We install an intumescent coating to the spray foam. The Ignition Barrier (IB) and Thermal Barrier (TB) coating expands up to 2,000% when it comes into contact with a flame. An IB gives you 5-minutes of protection, while a TB gives you 15-minutes of protection. We also install No-Burn Flue Wraps to protect and separate the spray foam from the hot metal pipes (chimney, flue, ventahood).

Get The Comfortable and Efficient, Healthy Home You Deserve!

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