How to Make Your Lung & Allergy Treatments Much More Effective, In A Few Days, Without Eliminating Activities You Enjoy!

Do you see an Lung or Allergy Doctor regularly for treatment to keep the itchy, stuffy Austin feeling under control? Then listen up! I have good news for you. 

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Many people believe they have to suffer from bad allergies because we live in Austin TX. It is true. We have a lot of allergens outside. But…

Did you know the air inside your home may be causing you more allergy suffering than the outdoor air?

Correct! According to the EPA, indoor air quality is often 2-5 times worse than outside air. 

Indoor air is often contaminated with toxic remains from your attic. Hot attic air expands and pushes its way into your house. Whatever is in your attic is also in your indoor air. 

What exactly is in your attic? 

Every season outdoor pollen blows into the attic and lands on the blown fiberglass (formaldehyde) floor. Leaves blow in and the organic matter decays amplifying the VOCs in your air. Mold spores blow in and fungi grow in the attic. Every season this happens so if your house is 1 year old, then your attic has 1 year of this junk. If your house is 50 years old, then you have 50 years of allergens calling your attic home. 

Plus, do you know if the previous homeowner ever had pests in the attic? Most Austin area attics have or had pest activity in them. 

Did you know that rats, raccoons, scorpions and roaches love fiberglass insulated attics? They love to eat, sleep & potty in fiberglass. 

After pest activity ends, their urine and feces remain. Hot attic air pushes the toxic remains and carcinogens into your indoor air. 

Some people just blow more insulation on top of the old nasty stuff to cover it up or “bring it up to code.” But in reality, covering existing insulation with more only further traps the nastiness in. This increases the allergen problem. 

Today you are breathing toxic air in your home because your attic has not been cleansed. 

An Allergist specializes in treating the symptoms from your allergies. Stellrr cleanses your attic, removing the root problem in your home. Then we transform it into a clean sterile space that makes it almost impossible for allergens to get in  or hide. The result is you only breathe clean, purified air inside.

Does it work?

Yes! Allergens can no longer get into your attic. The air in your attic is sterile. And only purified air is pushed into your indoor air. 

My wife was not able to live in our new house due to breathing problems related to the old insulation. I’m happy to report that the house is much cooler and my wife is now back in the house and breathing far easier. Stellrr’s work has been a great success.”

Adam C., UT Professor & Austin Homeowner

Isn’t this the same as HEPA Air Filters or Air Scrubbers? 

Here is the difference. A filter inside the house or duct system is cleaning the air because your are bringing dirty air into the house. What if you stop bringing dirty air into the house? Then these filters only work to make the clean air cleaner, or to sterilize the surfaces inside your home. This makes the Air Filters much more effective! So these filters can complement a Cleansed attic, but cannot be used as a replacement for a Cleansed attic. 

What is the difference between Duct Cleaning and Whole Attic Cleansing?

Once your attic is cleansed and transformed by, the need for future duct cleaning is eliminated. Duct cleaning is simply treating a symptom of the larger problem. Ducts suck in nastiness from the attic, and blow it through the ductwork. Some of the gunk gets stuck in there. Much of the dust in your house comes from the the attic.

When your attic is cleansed, and there is no longer lose materials in your attic that can enter your ductwork. There is much less dust in the house. We can mechanically control the humidity, preventing dust mites from growing.

My house uses the system we install, and I have never needed duct cleaning. Nor will I ever. My ducts are spotless. We do change our air filters on our return air duct registers regularly, but that is the extent of the maintenance to keep the ductwork clean.

How much does it cost?

Stellrr can show you how the work pays for itself. 

The first step is to call 512-520-0044 to book a Diagnostic Consult with your Stellrr Solutions Specialist. In your Consult you will learn where the problem areas are in your house and what needs to be done to fix it. 

You will discover there are many other (even bigger) benefits of cleansing your hot nasty attic. Transforming it into a clean comfortable and energy efficient space. 

Who am I and why am I sharing this? 

My name is Shawn Mansur, I’m the founder of Stellrr. Stellrr started as an insulation contractor, like the rest of them. We had a lot of a few Allergy and Homeopathic medicine professionals who advised homeowners to have their attic floor sealed. 

Stellrr did work at the recommendation of these medical professionals. Little did I know we were only putting a bandaid on the problem.

Over the years, we found out that air sealing the floor was not enough. Plus, leaving the old insulation in the house never solved the comfort or energy savings problems. 

My mission is to change lives and I was failing. 

I was frustrated and felt hopeless until one day I was introduced to my friend Larry Janesky. He taught me a lot of building science and helped me realize what homes needed was to be cleansed. Once we started cleansing homes we started getting dramatic results. Life changing results for our clients. 

Stellrr stopped putting a bandaid on it. Now we accept referrals from medical professionals so that we can diagnose and prescribe the correct solution for the homeowner. Having Stellrr collaborate with your medical pro allows us to ensure great results. 

Here is what to do next. 

Request a Diagnostic Consult so that we can uncover the hidden problems and prescribe the right solutions. 

Don’t make the mistake I did. Help your Allergist or Homeopathic pro get the results you both want. Contact Stellrr today.

Let’s create a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes. Stellrr

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