Austin Insulation Myths Everyone Believes

Many people take the easy way out when it comes to doing insulation Austin. They fall for the myths taught by the mis-informed. We want to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Insulation Austin Myths Exposed

Here are the top misconceptions people believe about insulation:

1. Anybody can install Austin insulation, it’s easy

Many people have the attitude of doing it themselves to save money which is smart for many energy efficiency projects and for some insulation jobs.

There is more to properly insulating a home than just renting a machine and blowing insulation into your attic. A correctly insulated space will be inspected for issues like air-sealing, soffit blocking, old insulation removal, fire hazards, and much more.

Insulation it is not about choosing the right product, it is about installing it correctly. Yes the right product counts, but doing 5% of an area wrong can significantly reduce effectiveness of the insulation. In some cases a mistake on 5% of the job can require the entire project to be ripped-out and redone. These are the “horror stories” you hear about on the news.

So when you think it will be expensive to hire a professional to properly install your insulation, you may be right. However, it won’t be nearly as expensive as having to have the job redone.

2. The only reason to insulate your Austin house is to lower energy bills.

Improving the insulation in your home can save you big bucks on your energy bills. This means the insulation pays for itself in time and makes you money in the long run.

However, there are several other important reasons to better insulate your home.

A. Added comfort by keeping surfaces warmer, balancing air circulation, eliminating hot spots in rooms, cutting drafts in the home. Insulation also reduces outside noise.

B. Make the home healthier. Good ventilation that is sealed from the outside improves indoor air quality. That means less pollens and other allergy particulates floating in your home. Plus a well insulated and sealed home works as a pest deterrent.

C. Reduce your impact on the environment, and does your part in preserving the planet for future generations.

3. All insulation installer’s solutions are similar to each other.

Not all insulation methods are created equal! Common practices among installers result in the insulation:

  • not being thick enough
  • not sufficiently covering all nooks and crannies
  • either too little or too much insulation installed
  • insulation contracting and pulling away from the building’s frame

Many times the company will try to sell you on whichever type of insulation they need to get rid of. Or they may just be a weekend warrior with low quality equipment that prevents them from doing the job efficiently. In the insulation business, the performance of the applicator makes a big difference, and you want someone who is on top of their game.

4. Having the correct equipment means your Austin insulation will be installed properly.

Many companies have the right tools, but not all companies train their employees on the best ways to install the insulation for maximum effectiveness. Installers may make costly mistakes or perform unnecessary services that can add hundreds of dollars to your final bill.

You would avoid taking your vehicle to a mechanic who was poorly-trained, so why risk your homes insulation and health with a installer who has poor-training.

It is important to work with a company who specializes in insulation and has their technicians receive certifications from top rated organizations like SPFA or independent testing and training organizations.

A sting produced by CBC News, revealed how homeowners are forced out of their homes for months due to health hazards from insulation install mistakes. One of the homeowners had to have the entire roof demolished from their home and rebuilt just to fix the problem. Trying to save a few bucks is not worth the risk.

5. I should choose the lowest price insulation company in Austin.

I have seen dozens of problems resulting from individuals choosing the lowest bid option for insulation Austin companies. I am frequently called afterward to fix what the other guys messed up.

The individual pays twice instead of having it done right the first time.

Please AVOID hiring a insulation company that offers steep discounts or incredibly low prices. Two of the most common issues are:

  1. The company doesn’t have the right expertise to properly diagnose the problem and end up prescribing a solution that only fixes part of the problem, leaving a costly mess behind
  2. The advertised price is the“foot in the door” cost. After the installer is in your home, it suddenly turns out that you have all sorts of other fees required for proper insulation installation.

To make sure none of these things happen when you hire a pro, ensure you completely investigate what the price includes and the practices the company uses to install your insulation around Austin TX.


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