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cotton insulation denim insulation Austin TX

Photo: interior wall denim insulation for sound, with fiberglass exterior walls.

When to use denim insulation in Austin TX?

Blue jean insulation, like cellulose, has a very high level of recycled content. Some Austinites who are extremely concerned with the energy used to produce their building products will choose cotton.

The material is one of the most unforgiving types of insulation to install. The material is much more likely to have installation flaws that reduce the effectiveness of your finished project. Meaning, denim insulation may be eco-sourced, but it won’t necessarily create an eco-building for you because of ineffective insulation.

Denim insulation is only available to install in open wall cavities.

Meaning, there is not a blown cotton insulation product that can help reduce sound in walls that are currently drywalled. So if you are wanting denim insulation, you better do it before drywall goes up.

How effective is blue jean insulation on sound proofing?

The sound transmission class for denim insulation is good in a laboratory test environment. However, in actual buildings where the material sags or falls, it is not a good choice. Check out our blog on comparing sound deadening materials.

Denim insulation versus rockwool. Which is better?

Denim insulation is limited to open wall cavities, whereas Rockwool can be dense packed into a drywalled cavity.

Denim insulation is cotton and has a lower smoke and flame point than does rock wool which is made out of steel slag and is virtually fireproof

The Sound Transmission Class of cotton insulation versus rockwool is very similar. However, both denim and rockwool are far better than fiberglass at soundproofing.

How much does cotton insulation cost?

Denim insulation is rarely used. Very few insulation supply houses carry the product. So the costs are often steep. In general you are looking at $2.00-$4.00 installed.


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