Blown Attic Insulation: Bastrop, Elgin, Lockhart, Smithville

How Blown Attic Insulation In Bastrop, Elgin, Lockhart, and Smithville TX Can Save You Plenty On Your Energy Bill

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to add extra insulation. Depending on when it was built, it could have no insulation at all or very little since in the past heating oil and natural gas were fairly cheap and people tended to dress warmer inside their own homes. Now, however, people want to be comfortable and the prices of energy have skyrocketed making the monthly cost of heating a major expense for many families. The first place to look to add would be the attic since it is usually accessible and heat rises, making it the perfect place to get started.

If You Have An Access Hatch, Take A Look

Most homes have some kind of hatch or port where you can stick your head into the attic and look around. Some attics are even partially finished which may make it harder to insulate, depending. Either way, you’ll want to inspect it yourself and see what’s up there before you call your local contractor, like blown attic insulation in Bastrop, Lockhart, Smithville, and Elgin.

If you notice that there are some fiberglass batts tucked between the joists but nothing on top of them, that’s a good sign since you’ll be able to inexpensively add a lot of blown in insulation on top. Blown in insulation easily conforms to the space and lays down smoothly filling all the voids making it an excellent insulator for the attic. If there are hard to access places around the edge of the attic a special nozzle can be added which will spray the insulation into the corners, behind half walls, under makeshift floorboards and many other places.

What To Look For In A Blown-In Insulation

For the most part, the municipality where you live will have regulated out of existence all of the dangerous types of blown in insulation that has ever existed. Now, the material will have to be fire resistant, non-poisonous, non-toxic, and safe for the installers and homeowners alike. You can ask your local contractor, such as blown attic insulation around Austin to verify this and they’ll have all of the latest scientific research showing just how safe and effective the products they carry really are.

They will also be happy to show you their up-to-date license, insurance, safety record, and other documents so you can feel comfortable letting them do the work knowing that they’ll do a great job. At this point, you’ll need to decide how much more insulation you actually need.

Keep in mind that energy prices will be creeping up for at least the next few decades and you might as well get as much added insulation as you can afford now. Increasing the R-Value in the attic is one of the absolute best places that will earn you back your investment in the least amount of time.

If you are tired of your high monthly energy bills then it’s time to take some action. It’s very cost effective having a short payback time and offering more comfort in the coldest months of the year. Estimates are easy to get and only a phone call away.

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