Cellulose vs Fiberglass

Why installing fiberglass insulation won’t fix home comfort or energy efficiency problems as effectively Stellrr’s cellulose.

VIDEO 1:57 – The big performance differences between cellulose and fiberglass!

Here are some additional reasons why Stellrr prefers cellulose!

Pest & Insect Comparison

Rats, scorpions, insects, and pests live happily in fiberglass insulation. They will eat fiberglass, and defecate in it. However, cellulose is treated with boric which is a pest and insect deterrent. Boric is in eye wash, and laundry detergents so it is safe for humans. However, it can kill insects. Varmin avoid it. If it gets on them, it makes them thirsty, and they leave in search of water, and don’t come back. 

Fire Comparison

Stellrr recommends TruSoft cellulose because it is highly fire resistant compared to spray foam, and fiberglass. In case of fire, your family has more time to get out safely, the flame will spread less and damage less with cellulose. Watch this burn test video on different insulation materials: https://stellrr.com/burn-test

Cellulose Buyer Beware

Most cellulose gives off a urine smell (ammonia) when it is humid outside or damp. Stellrr is the only cellulose installer serving Austin that installs an odor free (all boric) cellulose. The local insulation supply houses only sell cellulose that is newspaper, boric, and ammonia. The cellulose with ammonia in it is cheaper than all boric cellulose. Stellrr orders cellulose by the semi-truckload from the manufacturer so that we can install an ammonia-free, all boric cellulose.

Can you see how ALL BORIC Cellulose is a smarter choice for your home?

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