Combustion Air Closet

Stellrr requires a ventilation system be built for each HVAC or water heater (WH) unit currently using your attic for make-up and exhaust air. Meaning – HVAC or WH running on gas or propane.

If your HVAC or WH is in an interior closet, it also uses your attic ventilation for make-up and exhaust air. 

By creating the ventilation system, we are able to seal up the building envelope by closing off existing vents.  

Creating this ventilation system enables you to achieve best results from spray foam insulation without upgrading your HVAC (and/or attic mounted water heater) to a 95% or greater efficiency unit. 

Without the Ventilation System, your building envelope must stay vented. The end vents and soffit vents WILL NOT BE COVERED. 

The Ventilation System allows for proper ventilation in accordance with ASHRAE and ACCA Manual J & D. It ensures carbon monoxide from your HVAC (and water heater) unit is moved out of the building.

When building the combustion closet Stellrr will:

  • Create a combustion air source by running a properly sized duct from outside the home, running into the closet to supply the mechanical equipment.
  • Protect the metal chimney pipes going through the roof with silver faced rock wool wrap, fire caulk, and aluminum tape. This allows us to spray foam onto the wrap and seal up the building instead of leaving a 12″ uninsulated gap around each pipe.
  • Use a mesh wrap to create a closet that is foamed and sealed off from the rest of the attic. This allows the closet to service the utilities and be outdoor temperature, while the rest of the attic is semi-conditioned.
  • Use a sturdy air sealed zip door for technicians to use to service the mechanical equipment easily without any damage to the foam.
  • Create a code compliance service area for the technician to work.

Will there be room for servicing or replacing your HVAC/WH?

Yes. We build the rooms to code to allow for enough room for technicians to service the equipment. Plus, when your unit is replaced you will be upgrading to a 95% efficient or greater. At that time, you will not need the room anymore. So the tech can easily disassemble it and not reinstall it. 

Here is what to do next. 

Approve the Project and the Pay Deposit. Or request a change to the estimate your received from your Solutions Specialist.

Don’t make the mistake I did. Let’s create a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes. Stellrr

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