Insulating a $300,000 Tiny House in Austin, TX

It is a 400 sq ft 1-bedroom in East Austin that is being listed in the low $300s.

The builder wanted the house air tight with spray foam insulation.

The lack of air sealing wastes up to 40% of your building’s energy.

You don’t want fiberglass batts in your walls if your city requires blower door tests.

This test measures how many times the air within a defined space is replaced. It is called Air Changes Per Hour or ACH.

Spray foam is the best solution to combat leaky building envelopes.

The foam is going through the wood, to the outside of the building. Foam seals all the cracks and gaps. It is blocking all the bugs, rodents, and allergens from entering without your permission.

If you want a super efficient building envelope, go to to get the inside scoop.

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