Insulation Install Inspection List


How to know: did your Austin insulation installer do the job right?

You inspect their insulation install with this 26-point checklist with critical “what to look for” explanations.

As a homeowner it can be a real challenge to know if the fiberglass, cellulose or spray foam insulation installer did the job right. You don’t know what to look for. Often you cannot see much of what was done because things get covered over by insulation. This inspection point list will help you evaluate the work done by your Austin area insulation installer.

This guide does not ensure that the installer followed the building codes as they vary from city to city in the Austin TX area. Also, this guide cannot verify that mistakes were not made in installation. However, it will be a great reference for inspecting your insulation install.

Download the Inspecting Insulation Installs 26-point checklist now!


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