Mold Inspection & Treatment in Austin Tx

We are often asked about Austin mold remediation, removal, and treatments.

We use The Mold-X2 System To Prevent Mold Growth in Attics & Crawl Spaces

Your attic and crawlspace have humid conditions that can end up creating the perfect conditions that mold needs to grow. This has resulted in a lot of homeowners having to deal with the same issue. Mold is dangerous because it can negatively impact everyone living in the home. This is why it is so important to do everything possible to cleanse the home of infected areas with mold spores.

At Stellrr, we effectively leverage the Mold-X2 system in order to get rid of the existing mold and to prevent future mold growth issues. This specific type of cleaner is anti-microbial and it is fully designed to eliminate mold on surfaces that have been contaminated and to prevent that mold from ever returning. If you are looking to get this type of system for your attic, you can give us a call right now to figure out more about our ability to help.


How The Austin Mold Treatment System Works

The Mold-X2 system incorporates two distinct products. The first is the system’s Stain Remover and the second is the Botanical solution. The stain remover is meant to clean any surface that has been contaminated including wood. Once it is applied, the stain remover will get rid of dark strains and any discoloration that is directly caused by mold growth which can restore the appearance of said surface.

The succeeding step of applying Mold-X2 Botanical is meant to prevent the mold from ever regrowing back on the applied surfaces. The properties are also anti-microbial which can make the treated surface area resistant to mold growth and it is capable of doing so without posing any sort of risk to those living in the home. When combined as a system, these two products are very effective at keeping your home fully protected from mold growth.

Air Sealing And Insulation To Prevent Mold Growth

As mentioned, mold requires both moisture and organic material to grow. This includes material like wood. Attics end up getting excess moisture from various things including warm air that leaks from the home into the attic during the colder months. In a lot of instances, this mold growth is directly tied to having improper ventilation and inadequate air sealing whether from the outside or because something like a bathroom fan was improperly vented.

Getting your air sealing from Stellrr is one of the best ways to prevent excess moisture and humidity that can result in mold growth. We do everything from eliminating air gaps and cracks in the attic to prevent it from occurring.

Get The Mold-X2 System Now For Your Attic or Crawl Space

If you are experiencing attic mold growth and you are worried about future mold growth issues, we have the ability to help. We offer a proven and effective system for all attic mold issues and it can surely fix any issues you are having with mold growth. Call Stellrr right now to ask about our solution and how we can prevent mold growth from occurring in your attic.

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