Have you hired a licensed mold inspector or remediation contractor to address the mold under your pier-and-beam home?

If you live in a pier-and-beam house, I have good news about fixing your mold problem with a permanent solution. 

Most central Texas homes with crawlspaces underneath do have mold. Dirt crawlspaces naturally have high humidity which creates a health problem and structural issues. 

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Did you know that 40% of the air you breath inside your home comes up from the crawlspace under your house? So whatever nastiness is hidden away down there, is actually up in your home as well. 

How? Moisture is wicked up from the dirt in your crawlspace making the ground appear dry. The dirt may be dry for two inches, then moist deeper down. 

When you have a vented crawlspace moisture problems will persist even after remediation. Vented crawlspaces create a damp structural wood framing. This leads to mold, rot, and is loved by critters.  

At Stellrr we cleanse crawlspaces of their nastiness and transform them into clean spaces. 

After a crawlspace is cleansed, we separate the ground from the house. Any groundwater entering the space goes into the inside perimeter SmartPipe and drains to the SmartSump. 

Once the groundwater is managed, we block out the vapor with the CleanSpace liner. It is kinda like a pool liner. The CleanSpace liner is a 20-mill thick, 7-layer polyethylene composition with polyester cord reinforced strands. The bottom side of the CleanSpace has an anti-microbial coating. 

Stellrr creates a monolithic barrier between the dirt floor and the home with CleanSpace seam & seal tape. CleanSpace liner runs to all skirting walls & piers. Then it is bonded to those surfaces with closed cell spray polyurethane foam. The skirting walls are also covered & sealed with closed cell foam at R-13 nominal fill.

Now we have converted the vented crawlspace into a encapsulated space. We can now control the air in the space and mechanically manage the humidity. We install the SaniDry dehumidifier which removes up to 95 pints per day. It drains to the SmartSump or we drain the water outside. We set the dehumidifier to keep the space 40-50% humidity, and that is it.

With an encapsulated crawlspace, your entire wood structure is dry inside. Plus, remember how 40% of the air your breath inside is from the crawlspace?

Well air will continue to exchange with the crawlspace, but now it will be clean dehumidified air. So the dehumidifier in your encapsulated crawlspace will help manage the humidity inside your house as well. Win-Win. 

Does it work?

Yes! Allergens can no longer get into your living area. The air in your crawlspace is sterile. And only purified air is pushed into your indoor air. 

Stellrr fixed the crawl space under my house. Within 36 hours the humidity level plummeted, the musty odor inside was gone, and the air quality problem was solved.”

David P., Westlake Hills Homeowner

Isn’t this the same as spraying closed cell to the underside of the floor?

Here is the difference. Installing closed cell under the floor is a better solution than fiberglass bats or open cell foam. Neither of those options are ever acceptable because they are not vapor barriers. 

Closed cell under the floor decking will keep your feet warm, and reduce the vapor inside the house. But your crawlspace will continue to have excess moisture. It does nothing to prevent rot on the wood beams. Plus ever 12-16 inches there is a 2 inch cold gap where the beam runs. 

Closed cell to the under side of the floor should only be used when there is no option to have skirting built around the crawlspace. Or it can be used in conjunction with a CleanSpace encapsulation. When used together, then you have the option to open vents in the crawlspace if desired. 

How much does it cost?

Stellrr can show you how the work pays for itself. 

The first step is to call 512-520-0044 to book a Diagnostic Consult with your Stellrr Solutions Specialist. In your Consult you will learn where the problem areas are in your house and what needs to be done to fix it. 

You will discover there are many other (even bigger) benefits of cleansing your hot nasty attic. Transforming it into a clean comfortable and energy efficient space. 

Who am I and why am I sharing this? 

My name is Shawn Mansur, I’m the founder of Stellrr. Stellrr started as an insulation contractor, like the rest of them. We had Remediation Professionals who advised homeowners to have their floor sealed. 

Stellrr did work at the recommendation of these Mold professionals. Little did I know we were only putting a bandaid on the problem.

Over the years, we found out that insulating the floor was not enough. Ground water still went unmanaged under the house. Humidity levels were still uncontrolled in the home. And insulating the underside of the floor made plumbing and electrical work challenging.

My mission is to change lives and I was failing. 

I was frustrated and felt hopeless until one day I was introduced to my friend Larry Janesky. He taught me a lot of building science and helped me realize what homes needed was to be cleansed and turned into CleanSpaces. Once we started creating CleanSpaces under homes we started getting dramatic results. Life changing results for our clients. 

Stellrr stopped putting a bandaid on it. We accept referrals from Mold Inspectors and Remediation professionals. We collaborate with them to ensure we address any Protocols they recommend, while still delivering the best solution for the homeowner.

Here is what to do next. 

Request a Diagnostic Consult so that we can uncover the hidden problems and prescribe the right solutions. 

Don’t make the mistake I did. Help your Inspector or Remediation pro get the results you both want. Contact Stellrr today.

Let’s create a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes. Stellrr

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