Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Austin TX


Get the facts on the properties, benefits, costs and differences between open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation for your Austin TX area building.

The below infographic will show you the technical differences between what I am calling Standard Foam (open-cell) and Upgraded Foam (closed-cell). Plus, you’ll discover what the difference means in the far right column; defining how much better, stronger, or worse the upgraded foam is in each category.


Okay, clearly the Upgraded Spray Foam Insulation is better than the Standard option. But the real question you need to ask is:

What is the best Austin spray foam insulation solution for my project?

Residential Applications

The answer to that question is pretty simple in most cases. If you are doing a wood-framed residential build, then open-cell spray foam will do all that you need in most cases. However, you may want upgraded foam if you are extremely limited on space (mobile or container tiny home). If you want to maximize R-value only and don’t have 2″x6″ wall cavities to fill, then you may want upgraded foam.

Commercial and Agriculture

Do you have a commercial or agricultural structure? In that case, most people choose upgraded foam. Why? It is stronger, and it durably blocks water from leaking in between steel framing. Plus, with closed-cell spray foam insulation, you don’t need to install sheetrock or any other covering over it. Why? It’s because people cannot easily puncture upgraded foam.

At the end of the day, Upgraded Spray Foam Insulation is better, stronger, and everything else. However, it does cost significantly more than Standard Foam Insulation in Austin TX. Consider the two applications above when making your final choice between the two foam insulation materials.

What’s next?

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