How to 10x Your Pest Control Guy’s Results, In A Few Days, Without Harmful Chemicals or Months of Attic Trap Checking!

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Did you know that rats, raccoons, scorpions and roaches love fiberglass insulated attics? They love to eat, sleep & potty in fiberglass. 

After pest activity ends, their urine and feces remain. Hot attic air pushes the toxic remains into your indoor air. 

Did the previous homeowner have pests in the attic? Today you are breathing toxic air in your home because your attic has not been cleansed. 

Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is often 2-5 times worse than outside air.

Your licensed pest control technician specializes in removing insects & animals. Stellrr transforms your attic from a pest dance club into a clean sterile space that makes it almost impossible for pests to hide in. 

When Stellrr cleanses your attic, all existing insulation, feces, and bodies are vacuumed out of your house. This leaves your attic floor clean and clear of any debris. It is easy for your pest pro to install any needed exclusion systems, then continue their maintenance plan. 

Stellrr sterilizes your attic and moves the insulation from the attic floor to the attic roof. This allows your pest pro and you to quickly see and hear if pests ever return. 

Does it work?

Yes! Never again can they multiply and go months unnoticed in the dirty blanket of insulation on your attic floor. If you ever have a single rat dropping in your attic, you will know where it is. But right now you have no idea how many hundreds or thousands of droppings are contaminating your indoor air. 

Attic floor insulation is kinda like a sand ant farm. You can see what is on the surface. But you will never know all the tunnels, nests and remnants that are woven beneath the surface. 

How much does it cost?

Stellrr can show you how the work pays for itself. 

The first step is to call 512-520-0044 to book a Diagnostic Consult with your Stellrr Solutions Specialist. In your Consult you will learn where the problem areas are in your house and what needs to be done to fix it. 

You will discover there are many other (even bigger) benefits of cleansing your hot nasty attic. Transforming it into a clean comfortable and energy efficient space. 

Who am I and why am I sharing this? 

My name is Shawn Mansur, I’m the founder of Stellrr. Stellrr started as an insulation contractor, like the rest of them. We had a lot of pest control companies who advised their homeowners on removing soiled insulation and re-installing fiberglass insulation on the attic floor. 

Stellrr did a lot of work for pest control companies as a sub-contractor. Little did I know we were removing the problem and replacing it with more of the problem.

Over the years, we found out that the pest problems returned because we were re-creating their favorite environment. Plus, the fiberglass solution didn’t give much if any result and never solved the comfort or energy savings problems. 

My mission is to change lives and I was failing. 

I was frustrated and felt hopeless until one day I was introduced to my friend Larry Janesky. He taught me a lot of building science and helped me realize what homes needed was to be cleansed. Once we started cleansing homes we started getting dramatic results. Life changing results for our clients. 

Stellrr stopped working as a sub-contractor for pest-control companies. Now we accept referrals from pest techs so that we can diagnose and prescribe the correct solution for the homeowner. Having Stellrr collaborate with your pest pro allows us to ensure great results. 

Here is what to do next. 

Request a Diagnostic Consult so that we can uncover the hidden problems and prescribe the right solutions. 

Don’t make the mistake I did. Help your pest control tech get the results you both want. Contact Stellrr today.

Let’s create a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes. Stellrr

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