Contest: Referral & Review Rewards Program

With every purchase Stellrr Insulation of Austin gives 10% of profits to the cause of your choice.


Thank you. I hope you have a delightful experience with us. If for any reason you did not, please, please call me immediately at 512-520-0044. If you are delighted, then I’d like to ask you a favor.

As you probably know advertising is very expensive. Instead of paying the newspaper or other places to advertise I’d rather make life more fun. How? By creating a competition.

Here is a fun challenge for you.

I am providing you with over $500 in Stellrr Building Energy Performance Diagnostic Consult gift certificates here!

Why? I am currently running a contest where you can earn tickets to enter an exciting contest. You are getting 5 entry tickets today for having us perform your on-site diagnostic. The contest is exciting!

The grand prize winner will get a 3-day 2-night flight and hotel for two people to their choice at one of the following destinations, you choose your favorite:

yellowstone-park-contest-destination-stellrr-fiberglass-cellulose-insulation-ausitn washington-dcanimals-cause-stellrr-insulation-austin-texas san-francisco-contest-destination-stellrr-insulation-austin-tx nyc-constest-destination-stellrr-insulation-spray-foam miami-contest-destination-stellrr-insulation las-vegas-contest-destination-stellrr-spray-foam-insulation-attic cancun-contest-destination-stellrr-insulation-austin-texas aspen-contest-destination-stellrr-insulation-austin

And there are several other prizes too like an Apple TV, Spa Day, Golf, Yetis and more! How do you maximize your chances of winning?

You earn more tickets with each referral you provide.

That is why I included over $500 in Performance Diagnostic gift certificates. If you believe that we did a good job on the Audit, can we count on you to will refer us to 3-5 people? You get to be a star in your friends eyes by giving them a $147 service.

Enter your referrals here.

I prefer to have you as a raving fan, instead of gambling with paying the magical advertising man. For your participation you earn:

  • 5-tickets when you refer 5 people,
  • 25-tickets when 5 of your referrals have the the Audit performed,
  • and 50-tickets if one of your referral hires us to install insulation.
  • Increase your odds of winning by reviewing us online.

Will you please review us here?

I crave online reviews.

WAIT! To get you started I’m putting a credit in your account. I’ll count your Audit today as 1 of the 5. Just help 4 more of your friends redeem the Audit and you’ll get 25 tickets. This means you’ve already achieved 20% of your goal.

Your referral is the ultimate indication of your trust, and that means the world to our family. We invest 100% of our time and energy in helping you experience Stellrr performance.

This is one reason why our valued clients, and team refer their friends and family to us for insulation advice and service. My desire is in building strong, life-long relationships one person at a time. I sincerely and humbly appreciate your support and online review.

With gratitude,

Shawn Mansur, Founder and Author


P.S. To enter your referrals please click here. And then to post a review for us please go here.

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