Release of Liability

At Stellrr, we take a unique approach to ourth you, our client. Our goal is twofold: 1. to be transparent and 2. to protect you. We don’t hide from uncomfortable topics. Our duty is to make you fully aware of the risks and rewards associated with each aspect of the work we do or do not perform. 

Unlike the competition, we don’t hesitate to inform our clients about code requirements, safety risks, or other hazards. We believe in setting you up for success by providing the right expectations. We aim to empower you to make informed and intelligent decisions about the work in your home. 

Stellrr does offer a Performance Guarantee and Warranty (PGW); however, to be eligible for the PGW, the client must have the full system installed. Clients are not eligible for the PGW when the following are not installed by Stellrr: dehumidifier, intumescent fire coating, or AI active monitoring. When you read the PGW, you will understand why it cannot be put into effect.  

Below are the items that some of my clients decide to handle themselves and take responsibility for making happen without Stellrr:

Stellrr proposes each of the above items in every proposal. Some clients may decline any one of the above items at that time. Or a client may decline the item while Stellrr is doing the work. Our duty is done when we have informed you of the right thing to do. However, we do require each client to sign the Refusal Release of Liability.  Not signing the release does not make Stellrr liable. We do realize that we cannot force you to sign the waiver. We are just trying to do things right. 

I regret that I have to write letters like these, but I do thank you for your trust in Stellrr. I do wish you the best possible results. I do believe you will be very pleased with the end result, even though the process may not be totally fun. 

With gratitude,

Shawn Mansur, Founder

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