Removing Old Attic Insulation Has a Lot of Advantages

An attic can be a scary place—a haven for bugs, dust, and cobwebs. At the very least, it just feels uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to! With spray foam insulation Austin, the attic will be nice, tidy, and safe in a flash. We help in dealing with any attic problems in the home. We specialize in removing old, worn-out insulation. We ensure there is respect and fairness from start to finish. All our clients need is to sit back and relax while working our magic on the home.

Sometimes, hiring a professional is well worth the cost because they cost much less than hiring someone to do it by hand. And just like outsourcing finances is smarter than relying on an unreliable human bookkeeper, hiring an experienced company is worth every penny. Read on to learn the advantages of removing old attic insulation.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Effective?

Spray foam insulation is a great option and is very effective in an attic when used correctly. Spray foam insulation comprises two materials, isocyanate, and polyol resin, combined to form a soft solid substance when they come into contact. The two materials get combined at the nozzle. After applying a specialized sprayer, this material expands and forms an airtight seal on whatever surface it’s sprayed onto.

Just how effective is spray foam insulation? It has been shown to perform the best out of all types of insulation material. For instance, spray foam has a thermal resistance—or R-value—of R-7 per inch (which means it reduces heat transfer by 7 times more than one inch of air). On the other hand, fiberglass and cellulose have an R-value of R-3 or-4 per inch. It means that spray foam offers more thermal resistance than these other insulators!

Spray foam is also water-resistant. When it dries, it creates a solid barrier that will keep water out of walls and other areas when applied correctly.

Saves on Energy Bills

Over time, the R-value of the attic insulation will slowly but surely decrease. The result? It no longer acts as a strong barrier against heat transfer. Old insulation is also prone to be compressed. These factors mean that the attic insulation won’t be able to do its job as well as it once did.

To make matters worse, new types of insulation are more energy-efficient than those installed in older homes. As a result, old attic insulation fails at keeping the house well insulated, but it also doesn’t use the same amount of resources that newer kinds do. Replacing the attic insulation will ensure that it’s working efficiently to keep the home warm or cool depending on the season without using too much energy from heating and cooling systems

You Need Not Worry About Pests

Another big reason to remove old attic insulation is that it has a nasty habit of being infested with different pests and vermin. Rodents, insects, and other pests can make their homes in old attic insulation. These pests can be the source of disease, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. These things are disgusting but are also dangerous to your health. 

Improves Air Quality

The air in your home likely includes a lot of dust and contaminants, so it’s essential to keep the air clean. One way to do this is to remove old attic insulation and replace it with new, fresh insulation. It will help improve the air quality in your home and reduce the risk of getting sick from poor air quality.

We’re not just talking about keeping warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot—we’re talking about creating a healthier home for the family. That’s because old attic insulation harbors moisture and mold, impacting the home’s air quality. And if there is a thought that the family isn’t affected by that? Think again. Moisture and mold can contribute to allergies and asthma symptoms.

Increases Home Resell Value

One of the many benefits of removing old attic insulation is increasing the home’s value. The increased resell value is due to the many advantages of new attic insulation, including improved energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs.

If there is a plan to sell the home shortly, consider removing the old attic insulation and replacing it with a modern alternative. It could increase the home’s value and make it easier to sell than a similar property with outdated or missing insulation. 

Makes the Home More Comfortable

When the attic is adequately insulated, it creates a comfortable environment. Insulation helps regulate the home’s temperature and balance out heat and cold more effectively than other methods. It also reduces noise pollution caused by outside traffic, construction work, or nearby noisy neighbors. With new insulation installed in an attic, there is an immediate improvement in comfort levels at home—especially if some rooms have been particularly drafty in the past!

What Is the Right Time to Replace My Attic Insulation?

While attic insulation lasts an incredibly long time and can be expected to perform consistently well for decades, there are times when it needs to get replaced. Here are some examples:

  • The attic’s temperature has become too high or too low.
  • The heating and cooling costs have increased significantly since the last installed attic insulation.
  • There are gaps in the baffles or walls where air could leak from the attic into other parts of the house, which can cause drafts or hot spots throughout the home and increase noise levels inside it (particularly during windy conditions).
  • There are animals in the attic.

As a rule of thumb, if there is any significant change in the home’s comfort level, then it’s time for a replacement.

We believe removing old insulation has plenty of advantages. It can help keep the house cooler in the summer, prevent mold and mildew, and helps to keep the attic clean, which helps control pests. Also, removing old insulation is an excellent way to recycle and save energy. So whether for reasons of comfort or the environment, it’s time to get out that utility knife and start the project. Visit and let us help you make an informed decision.

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