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Need Stellrr to come inspect a concern?

We want to help you quickly and effectively. To help you best, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding Service Call requests. We want to get things right for you. Please read below about when we do and don’t charge for service calls. Also, please complete the form so we are prepared to help you best. Thank you.

Inspection of work preformed by Stellrr for problems:

  • If Stellrr failed to do something that was within the scope of work, we will fix it. If there is a warrantable failure in the work previously completed by Stellrr, we will fix it. No cost to the client.
  • A Service Call charge will apply in the following situations:
    • The inspection finds Stellrr completed the scope of work
    • There is no failure in work done by Stellrr
    • The problem found is outside of Stellrr’s scope of work
    • Damage caused to Stellrr’s work by another party

In situations where there is a problem found during a Service Call, Stellrr will identify the problem. We will make a recommendation on what the next steps are to fix the problem. If we can fix it, we will advise on the cost to fix it. If fixing it is outside the scope of what we do, we will attempt to recommend a trusted party who can address the issue.

Please Complete the Service Call Request Form

We asked the client to put into writing the concerns. That way we can be prepared with answers when we arrive.

Base Service Call Charge

  • $129 each trip. Plus the cost of any work proposed and approved.

Examples of Service Call Requests

  • A Stellrr employee stepped on and put a 6 inch hole in the sheetrock. The client notified us. We repaired the item without any charge to the client.
  • In another case, there were “nail pops” in ceiling drywall. This is a disclaimer item in our Pre Install Notice as an unavoidable occurrence. This happens because ceiling joists flex when walked on. Walking on them is required to do the work. This is not a mistake or failure on Stellrr’s part. So fixing the “nail pops” would be a Service Call charge.
  • A client complained about odors in the crawlspace. We explored and found the lids on the PVC septic pipes had not been screwed on all the way. Liquid sewage was running down the pipes and onto the top of our clean space. This has nothing to do with the Stellrr work. Rather the plumber did not do their job. In this case, Stellrr has properly earned a Service Call fee.
  • A client asked Stellrr to inspect the attic SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. His concern was there was very little water running out of the drain pipe. Stellrr’s employee checked the system and learned the humidity was 36%. This is superior low humidity.  At this low level, there is no water to ring out of the attic air. That’s why there was no water dripping out of the drain pipe. Nothing was broken and nothing was wrong with the Stellrr work. This inspection results in a service call. The employee left the shop and returned 3.75 hours later.  Wages and travel were spent addressing this Service Call question.

Need an Annual Maintenance Service visit?

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