Automatically Manage Humidity With The SaniDry Dehumidifier Installed In The Attic

The SaniDry is recommended in every Austin area attic to help manage humidity not only in the attic, but in the home below as well.

Did you know?

It takes much more energy to cool humid air than it takes to cool dry air! So adding a SaniDry dehumidifier in the attic will save energy by allowing you to condition dry air instead of humid air.

The Sanidry can remove 100 pints of water per day while only requiring 5.9 amps of electricity. Plus it is turnkey, automatically draining to the outside. We can drain it through the HVAC condensate drain, or we can install a condensate pump. 

Sanidry has a powerful 310 cfm blower to circulate the dry air completely around the dry attic, rafters, joist and drywall. With Sanidry, mold doesn’t stand a chance. It is easy to set the dehumidifier to 55% relative humidity and forget it. SaniDry is always a separate line item.

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If condensation pump is needed and a SmartSump is NOT installed, then there will be $99 extra to pay for the pump & install.

If electrician is needed to create a new plug in, then that is a separate line item. Usually we can just plug the dehumidifier in somewhere.

If you wish to have ductwork installed onto the SaniDry so the air can be sucked or blown into specific areas, add $249 for the conversion kit and install.

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