Solar Window Shades in Pflugerville, Lakeway, & Bee Cave TX

What are the benefits of having solar window shades installed in your Pflugerville, Lakeway, or Bee Caves home?

Solar shades are a specific type of window treatment that are gaining in popularity. Not only do they protect the inside of the building, but they can protect the occupants inside as well. Instead of the rays entering the room, they are reflected. However, unlike traditional shades which are tasked with keeping the light out primarily, the shades are equipped with solar screens which effectively insulate and absorb the heat and energy from outside. For this reason, they have a lot of benefits that you will not be able to get with other kinds of shades. Below, we will be going over some solar window shades Austin benefits.

Solar Window Shades Benefits:

1. Reduce Energy Costs.

One of the biggest and most significant benefits that you are going to be able to get with these shades is having the ability to effectively reduce energy costs by up to 15%.

2. Reduce Glare.

If you are tired of having to deal with constant glare from light entering your home or your room, you are going to want to take steps towards reducing it as not only can it prove to be an inconvenience, but it can actually cause problems with your eyesight in time. These shades effectively reduce glare by a lot.

3. UV Resistant Materials.

Being able to protect from UV exposure is crucial when it comes to investing in the right shades for your home. These shades are made to be UV resistant.

4. Maintain Better and More Consistent Temperatures.

If your home typically gets very hot due to the positioning of your home and your windows, you are going to benefit from being able to maintain much more consistent temperatures in your home because the shades will absorb and reflect the heat and keep it out of your home.

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