Please read this for YOUR protection, and our SAFETY. Thank you. This will help you to know WHAT TO EXPECT from us, and what we Expect from you. Most installers will not share these items with you even though these are the rules they play by. We like to be up front and communicate with you for full transparency.

At Stellrr, we go above and beyond industry standard practices to deliver the highest reasonable level of service while maintaining very competitive pricing.

By hiring Stellrr, You are accepting, agreeing to, and promising to comply with the following Terms of Service:

1. Services

Before Stellrr Arrives to Start Work 

The project work area must be safe, clean, and clear of all obstructions.

Nothing shall be left in the building or work area that is of concern for getting overspray on (overspray in inevitable). If items are limiting access to areas to be sprayed, Client understands that the proper insulation may not be able to be installed as nicely, properly, and cleanly as desired.

In addition to the prescribed scope of work, (when spraying foam) Stellrr will mask all windows and doors to protect, reduce and prevent overspray. Stellrr will not mask the floors or ceiling with plastic. Stellrr will trim foam flush with wall studs (unless agreed otherwise). Stellrr will clean up the insulation and plastic from the job site before leaving.

Installers Work Half-Blinded

When installing spray foam especially, the sprayer wears a full mask and bodysuit to stop the blowback spray from hurting them. As a result, the sprayer is inevitably half-blind most of the time they are working. Thus, the sprayer can not necessarily see nor avoidhazards nor valuable items in an area, nor when protective coverings may have been damaged during the installation process.

Left Over Materials (Trash, Recycle, Gift, or Reuse)

Any trash from the insulation project will be bagged or placed in the client’s trash container and left on site for the Client to dispose of at their discretion. If elected to do so, Stellrr can coordinate with a private waste hauler to provide a container for the trash. Trash removal is not included in any quote provided by Stellrr nor any other insulation contractor. Excess insulation can be recycled and reused, ask us for details or check out the Austin Materials Marketplace. Some people give away this great insulation left over materials on Craigslist. Some people give the insulation left-overs to friend or neighbor to increase the R-value on existing blown in attic or barn insulation. The client bought and paid for the insulation, Stellrr encourages the Client to do with the materials as they see fit.

2. Access

Unobstructed, easy access for Stellrr trucks and trailers close to the building must be provided. The drive path must be solid so that the truck and trailer do not get stuck in mud. The access must be flat to haul the trailer.

3. Work Area

Client is responsible for completely clearing the building of ALL materials and debris and remove all other items from the work area. All nails, screws, staples and other items must be removed from the wall studs or ceiling rafters before Stellrr undertakes work, to allow for trimming of the insulation.

Any items left in the building may get insulation stuck on them permanently or temporarily. Stellrr is not liable for any damage whatsoever.

WARNING: please understand that we tell you this because we care, and want set the right expectations so that we are all on the same page so that we do not accidentally misinterpret items in the building.

Please expect that anything left in the building will be treated as though the Client does not have concern about overspray getting on the items. Stellrr cannot determine what things may have sentimental value to the Client. We cannot determine what things are of aesthetic importance to the Client versus performance importance.

It is the Client’s responsibility that all items of overspray concern are removed completely. 

Client acknowledges that anything left in the building (including plumbing trenches, and building materials) is a safety hazard for Stellrr’s workers. If items are left in the building that Stellrr must remove, Client will pay up to $100 per hour for removal and reinstallation.

4. Pre-Construction

All building enclosures and walls must be installed prior to our arrival. The appropriate building space sealing reduces insulation from spraying from interior to exterior of building. For conditioned attics a HVAC unit with 90% or greater efficiency must be pre-installed. Any required scaffolding and/or ladders must be built before Stellrr’s arrival for safety.

5. Complete Program

If the Client signed up for the guarantee program, to qualify for any guarantee and achieve maximum results Client must have completed (prior to install) the components for success for which Client is responsible. This includes any components for which we were not contracted to handle on Client’s behalf which may include: air sealing, insulation (wall, attic, floor, etc), moisture control, HVAC, water heater.

6. R-values / Thickness

Due to the nature of foam and other materials used, Stellrr is unable to guarantee the exact output. All thickness and R-values quotes are a nominal fill, average or minimum.

7. Inspections / Code Compliance

All inspections (e.g. plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and framing) must be completed prior to install commencement.

8. Scope

Changes or additional work will be discussed and a new quote will be issued, prior to undertaking work.

9. Payment

Terms require 50% down before install, and full payment due within 24-hours of substantial completion of work. Outstanding balances are charged 3% per week until paid in full. Payment is to be made by check. Made payable and mailed to: Stellrr Insulation, 401 Congress Ave #1540, Austin, TX 78701.  We can offer alternative payment options like credit card. To pay via alternative payment methods, we pass on to you the added cost that your financial institution charges us (typically add 3% to the invoice). Stellrr is legally required by Uncle Sam to collect sales tax on top of the amount provided in your estimate. Some exceptions apply for non-profits or contractors where they collect the tax from the client.

10. Cancellation / Rescheduling

All installs are scheduled days to weeks in advance. If a job is rescheduled, it forces another job to change days as well. Scheduling problems is the nature of the insulation business.

Any cancelation or re-schedule must be arranged 72-hours in advance. If we arrive and the project is not ready, Stellrr may assess a fee to complete the work ourselves so the install can proceed that day. However, Stellrr may be forced to not install due to the project not being ready, in which case a rescheduling or late cancellation fee up to 10% of the project price quote may be assessed.

11. Overspray

Stellrr will do our best to protect the building from overspray of insulation onto unprotected areas.  We will also do our best to reasonably clean up overspray that we find. We do care, and want to minimize this issue.

However, Stellrr cannot guarantee and is not liable for any damages due to overspray. Installing insulation, particularly spray foam, is a extremely messy job. Overspray is inevitable with spray foam insulation.

The liquid foam comes out of the spray gun tip at 1,200 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Very Dangerous! This means that the insulation is pressurized to shoot up to 20 feet away from the gun.

When spraying foam, particles of foam float around in the air for hours and move throughout the environment, potentially traveling from room to room, and even permanently dusting items nearby.

12. Health & Safety

From the start of the install process, until 48-hours after completion no persons (other than Stellrr employees) may enter the building. Persons entering the building must wear full safety gear including respirators to protect them from inhaling dust, fumes, vapors, etc and be accompanied by a Stellrr employee. You can read the learn more about the open cell spray foam we install here: QuadFoam NatureSeal OCX.


14. Code Compliance Inspection

If you are having your insulation inspected by code compliance, your inspector will probably request the following Technical Data Sheet for our open cell foam. If you need a City of Austin Insulation Checklist filled out for your inspector, please let us know, and we will get one filled out for you.

Fire Retardant: Our foam has Fire Retardant woven throughout it, so it does not need a fire retardant sprayed on after installation. Other insulation companies are supposed to coat the foam with fire retardant after they install, however, it is common for this important item to be neglected and overlooked.


13. Post- Install Inspection

Client must be present in person completion of the install. This is specifically to review the install, discuss Stellrr’s findings entirely, address any areas of concern, and fix issues before leaving.



SIDE NOTE: Hey Shawn here! Look we want to make you really happy. That is our goal. And we will do everything we reasonably can to delight you. But at the end of the day, because some people abuse our generosity, my lawyer requires me to publish this terms of service agreement. If you have a question or concern about anything here, please, please call me and let’s talk about it. I am here to serve you. Do things right. And turn you into raving fan. – Shawn, Founder of Stellrr.