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Under-Insulated Ducts Waste Energy & Impacts Budgets

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Everyone knows that keeping the insulation of your home on point is essential to keeping your energy costs at a comfortable low. But, what many people overlook is the importance of the same attention to detail when addressing the conditions of the ducts work running beneath the home. If this important component of your home’s heating and cooling is not insulated properly you stand to lose a bundle.

Many people are quick to blame a faulty HVAC system when this occurs, but the problem is more often related to the conditions of the duct work.

At Stellrr, we can help you identify the biggest holes in your cooling and heating systems that are sapping your budget. We offer inspection services and encapsulation for duct work that ensures your home is being kept as comfortable as possible efficiently.

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The problem with air duct insulation being insufficient.

The attic, basement and crawlspace are not kept conditioned with the rest of the home. This means that the duct work in these locations will match the ambient temperatures which are much colder or hotter than the rest of the home.

This means that energy will have to be used to properly conduit the duct work before the rest of the home can be cooled or heated as desired. In the winter this means that the ice cold duct work will have to be warmed before the rest of the house can be comfortable. On a hot summer’s day the same piping hot ducts that will have to be cooled significantly before they can be used to cool the home.

Duct encapsulation upgrades air duct insulation.

It improves interior comfort and energy performance

Here are a variety of ways to properly insulate ductwork. Blankets with a foil-facing can be wrapped snugly around the ducts and spray foam insulation can also be applied to the duct exterior. Finally, in cold or scorching attics, extra insulation can be heaped on ducts to keep them covered.

It is best to speak with an expert in insulation to discuss what the most energy-effective option would be for your situation. An energy audit can also provide insights on how to best perform this task.

air duct insulation Austin Texas
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Duct sealing & duct insulation go together

Stellrr can also provide a variety of solutions for improving the energy costs of your home with sealing, encapsulating and insulating ducts. Experts will recommend improving your duct insulation with sealing, as this enhances the benefits of the investment.

Ducts have a tendency to develop leaks at various locations. The joint work at sections and fittings are especially leaky. These small leaks allow a great amount of conditioned air to escape and can greatly affect the efficiency of your unit.

After the joints and fittings and all other needed parts of the ducts have been properly sealed, the ducts can then be insulated with the insulation of your choice and needs. This keeps a uniform temperature through your ducts and conditioned areas of the home. It also improves your comfort and decreases the time it takes for your living quarters to reach the desired temperature.

The Smart Money Guarantee

When you invest in optimizing your home’s ductwork with our insulation, encapsulation and sealing services, you get more than just better conditioned living spaces. We are sure you will also enjoy a considerable savings when it comes time to count the costs for your total energy expenses over time.

We are so sure that we offer the Smart Money Guarantee. If you don’t see savings that cover the cost of the insulation work within ten years, we will refund you the difference.

You may be eligible for the Smart Money Guarantee program, if your home needs the following upgrades.

  • Attic hatch & pull-down stairs air sealing
  • Vented knee wall space sealing
  • Attic air sealing
  • Insulating with cellulose
  • Chimney chase & major opening sealing
  • Can light covers
  • Creating a conditioned attic

Attic duct encapsulation

Stellrr has the skills and experience to improve your ducts with encapsulation, sealing or insulation services. We provide the entire gamut of insulations services that keep your home’s comfort high and your expenses low. Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!