Fix Uncomfortable Rooms With An Upgrade To Your Attic

Heat passes very easily through an attic that is poorly insulated. During the winter, heated indoor air naturally rises due to convection and gets into the attic via multiple air leaks. When conducive heat loss occurs through a cold ceiling it makes the rooms right underneath the attic even colder.

On hot summer days, it is the opposite problem, with attic temperatures increasing to the 130 to 160-degree range with heat moving into your living areas, creating rooms that are uncomfortably hot and very expensive to cool down. Those overheated rooms in many houses are bedrooms, which can be even more frustrating for homeowners.

fix hot sweaty rooms with an attic insulation upgrade

If you are concerned that your house has insufficient attic insulation, Stellrr Insulation in Austin, Texas, can help you. Our experts can inspect your attic and then recommend the best solutions to you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

7 signs that your attic insulation is inadequate:

  • Rooms directly under the attic get either too cold or too hot during certain times of the year – while other parts of the home are comfortable.
  • High heating fuel bills and/or high electric bills.
  • Cold drafts in some parts of the home in the winter.
  • Recessed “can” lights on the ceiling right under the attic.
  • Visible attic floor joints between or above the attic insulation.
  • Exposed attic ductwork over the layer of insulation.
  • Less than 10 inches of attic insulation.

Do you think your attic insulation is sufficient? Well, think again!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is required that houses in northern climates have 16-18 inches (R-49)of insulation and houses in southern climates should have 13-14 inches (R-38).

However, the Dept of Energy recommends that your insulation be R-60 for maximum benefit. Why would you want to only do the minimum required when it comes to fixing comfort issues?

The Insulation Institute reports that 90% of houses are under-insulated.

This means that homeowners are losing money everywhere and having to deal with uncomfortable temperatures inside their homes. Unless you had an insulation upgrade and duct encapsulation recently, most likely your house is one of them. Unfortunately, only minimum performance standards are stipulated by local building codes, which are much lower than what is recognized by today’s home energy experts, which is why the problem is so widespread these days.

How we repair attics that are under-insulated

Here at Stellrr Insulation, we know how to deal with insulation problems inside your attic. We will do the following to fix the problem:

  • Inspect your attic and tests it to detect the problem areas.
  • Air seal the attic to get rid of leaks and drafts that allow air-conditioned air to escape from your house during the winter and allow humid air inside your attic during the summer.
  • Insulation and duct sealing, along with duct encapsulation in order to prevent the wasting of air-conditioned air as it travels throughout your home’s duct system.
  • Install insulation up to the proper level that is required by your home, to ensure your house is efficient and comfortable.

Upgrading your attic insulation will reduce your cooling and heating costs by up to 40%. Most important of all, it will make your rooms comfortable once again that tend to get too cold or too hot at certain times of the year. This is also a one-time upgrade that will not require maintenance or wear out.

Our Smart Money Guarantee

By having an attic insulation upgrade done, it will not only improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home but will save you money as well. We are so confident in our work that we offer our Smart Money Guarantee that promises that if your savings in ten years do not exceed or match the total amount of your project costs, we will refund the difference to you!

You might qualify for our Smart Money Guarantee program if your house needs any of the following upgrades:

  • Making a conditioned attic
  • Insulating with cellulose
  • Sealing vented knee wall spaces
  • Major opening and chimney chase sealing
  • Can light covers
  • Pull-down stairs and attic hatch air sealing
  • Attic air sealing
  • Attic duct encapsulation

Call Stellrr Insulation for the best attic insulation solutions

If you are looking for a more cost-effective, comfortable home, a good place to start is to check your attic insulation. Stellrr Insulation contractors are skilled in finding solutions for all types of attic insulation issues.

Whether you need blown cellulose, spray foam, air sealing, or any other type of insulation solution, we are here to help. Contact Stellrr Insulation today to get your free estimate scheduled.

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