Creating an encapsulated attic addresses the 4 major heat loads on your home that equate to about 50% of the total heat load.

  1. air seals all attic penetrations
  2. permanent proper insulation levels
  3. duct leakage stays in building envelope
  4. ducts deliver 55* air during cooling season

Stellrr recommends installing R-25 nominal fill of open cell spray foam in attics. This is IECC and COA performance code compliant. Gable walls are installed at R-13.

What R-Value do you need on your attic roof deck?

Do you need R-38 foam which is the minimum code requirement for blown insulation on the attic floor? You can read about the difference between Prescriptive Code requirements and Performance Code. With foam we are meeting or exceeding the Performance code requirements, so we are doing well at R-25 open cell spray foam on the roof deck.

On Shawn’s personal home, it was built in 2011 by Meritage Homes. Back then, the code requirements were R-20 for the city of Austin. R-20 is just not enough. Shawn was able to take his thermal camera and get significant variances in temperature with the R-20 foam. So he had one of his sprayers add R-5 of Icynene open cell to the existing open cell spray foam insulation. Now the thermal camera registers the entire attic roof as the same temperature.

Why convert your attic from Vented to Semi-Conditioned with Foam


Unique Precautions Stellrr Takes To Ensure an Excellent Install Result

  • Block soffit so it doesn’t spray out the soffit onto your siding ruining it.
  • Protect the attic access hatch so we don’t mist overspray onto the inside of your house.
  • Put down protection for your flooring so we don’t leave a trace.
  • Block the gable vents, roof vents, ridge vents so foam does not spray out onto your roof and ruin it.
  • Build walls to block the house attic off from the porch attic.
  • Build walls to block the garage attic off from the house.
  • Install sealed access doors to blocked off areas if access is needed.
  • Seal down to the top plate on the house perimeter so there is no air gap, and it fully stops the air leakage.