Austin Commercial Roofing Contractor Creates Leak-Free Repair

Your contractor can create a leak-free repair commercial roofing system without replacement!

Which commercial roofing system do you have?

Built-up Low Slope Roofs

Asphalt surfaces easily reach over 200 degrees in summer weather. Using the proper elastomeric coating, Stellrr can cool down the roof and prevent degradation. 

Concrete Commercial Roofs

Elastomeric coatings are essential to seal hairline and non-structural cracks. 

Modified Bitumen

This system is constantly expanding and contracting which results in the seams pulling apart. Once moisture gets trapped, it can be difficult to get the modbit roof dry. 

EPDM Flat Roofs

These roofs become brittle with age, similar to rubber tires. It can be restored with the proper coatings.

Metal Roofs

Patch repairs are never a permanent solution. Stellrr can fix metal roofs with SPF and elastomeric coatings. 

TPO Commercial Roofing

Deteriorated or damaged membranes can be restored with the proper coatings to stop leaks. 

Rusted Metal Roofs

Leaving a rusty roof untreated is bad news. Stellrr uses a primer to encapsulate roof rust and stop the progression of rust. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Unpainted, spray polyurethane foam has a yellow hue. UV rays deteriorate foam over time. Maybe 1/8th inch per year that foam is uncovered. Stellrr coats spray foam with acrylic elastomeric paint to protect it from the sun. 

Austin Commercial Roofing Contractor Installing Acrylic Coating to Create a Leake Free Roof

Have your Austin contractor extend the life of your commercial roof with the proper coatings.

There are several different roof coating types. Based on your roof type and real-life situation, we can better select the proper coating for your roof. 

Often times commercial roof owners will hire Stellrr as a roofing contractor to install spray foam and elastomeric coatings to solve many problems. However, in some cases, spray foam is out of the question because of funding the cost, slope of the roof, or area overspray hazards. When spray foam is not an option for roof coatings, there are the other types of coatings Stellrr may apply including silicone, polyurethane (not SPF), and butyl. However, they are not as frequently applied in Central Texas commercial roofing. 

If Stellrr (the Austin commercial roofing contractor) cannot apply SPF, the second best choice is – Acrylic Roof Coatings. Acrylic is a water-based coating with 30+ years of great performance with a variety of substrates.  Stellrr often uses acrylic on metal roofs for the reflectivity, easy color tinting, and non-slippy wet surface. A rust primer may be applied beforehand if the roof is rusty.

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