New Roof Versus Commercial Roof Restoration – Austin TX


Regular Inspection Can Help You Decide Between A New Roof Versus Commercial Roof Restoration around Austin Texas.

The roof is one of the most important parts of any commercial building, as it gives you complete protection from the weather and helps to protect your belongings. It is also the component that is constantly exposed to every kind of weather, and this can lead to issues every now and then. It is when you find that you are constantly having leakage and other problems that you need to consider the question of a new roof versus commercial roof restoration around Austin TX.

A roof can get worn down over time and then look unsightly and old. While you can always think of replacing it with a new roof, an alternative that can save you a lot of money is one of restoration. Most commercial building owners and managers can have difficulty judging the exact physical condition that the roof is in, and will do well to call in the professionals to assess the roof and its ability to continue to withstand the weather. A visual inspection can determine whether the roof is functioning as it is required to and whether any problems faced can be rectified with better maintenance after a commercial roof restoration, or requires the more drastic action of a new replacement roof.

Biological Growth on the Roofing

An indication of the state of the roof can come from changes in its appearance, that black streaks caused by algae can bring about. This sort of a problem is quite common in areas with a high humidity that can contribute to the growth of algae. However, this is not very common in central Texas or Austin. This can cover the entire surface and is a sure indication that you would do well to go in for a new roof, instead of attempting any repairs or restoration. Algae growth leads to the breakdown of each component of the roofing membrane, and ultimately this leads to water penetrating the roof and causing dampness in the building or attic.

Excessive Blistering in the Roof

Another indication that it is better to opt for a new roof, is when you find the membrane on your roof showing a lot of blistering and buckling. This will be visible during any roof inspection, and in serious cases can even be seen from the ground. This blistering and buckling is an indication that the materials on the roof have become brittle and will no more be able to resist the effects of the weather, be it the sun, the rain or the wind. If this condition is allowed to persist without proper attention it can even affect the underlying structure and cause further damage to your commercial building. Replace the roof with a new one so that your structure does not lose its integrity, and will continue to give it the long service that you expect from it.

Termite Infestation

If you have a roof structure that has a wooden decking and any of these show any sign of termite inspection, then it is a sure sign that your roof needs to be replaced with a new one. Termites can affect both the inside and outside of a building, and the source of the infestation is often difficult to trace. You would do well to replace the roof and also get in pest control experts to trace the source of the infestation and remove the termites completely from your property. This is an important step, as if this is not done, you can never be sure that your new roof will also not suffer the same fate as the old one.

Leaky Roof

Restoration of a roof is called for if your roof is only prone to leaks and none of the signs that demand a new roof, as indicated above, are seen. Any restoration of a roof will require you to first clean the roof, repair any parts that you find damaged or dysfunctional, and then recoating it with the right sealants so that your roof looks as good as new. Restoration can be a less expensive affair than a replacement and never have you having to deal with the answer to the question of needing a new roof versus commercial roof restoration.

Regular maintenance and restoration can go a long way in extending the life of your commercial roof in the Austin Texas area.

These steps for roof restoration must be taken in time so that the state of the roof does not deteriorate to a point where replacement looks like the only permanent solution. Regular restoration of the roof surface can help to prevent leakage and prevent your property and belongings from suffering any water damage. Dampness in a roof that is not attended to can lead to the growth of mildew and mold, and these are conditions that can affect the health of all those who live in the commercial building. A low slope or flat roof restoration is a must at regular intervals as well as the proper sealing of the roof surface so that leakages are less likely to occur.

Faulty roofs can also lead to an increase in the energy that you require for cooling or heating your home. Holes or openings in the roof that lead to leakage, also lead to leakage of air, that can place an added burden on any HVAC system that you have had installed in your building. Restore the roof at regular intervals, and you will soon see that your energy bills are steady and not questionable.

Restoration can also add value to your commercial building and the pleasing condition of a well-maintained roof will please any buyers of your building when it is offered for sale, or in acquiring new tenants. Of course, whether you have opted for a new roof versus commercial roof restoration will have the same effect on its value, but where you have opted for a new roof, you will have spent a far greater sum of money for the same perception.

The answer to the question of new roof versus commercial roof restoration in Austin TX can also be determined by the cost of any repeated restoration, or whether such restoration is being demanded of you at more frequent intervals. When you have to incur this cost very often, and the cost is steadily increasing, then replacing your roof with a new one may be the more sensible alternative, that will give you a roof that will give you better service.

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