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attic insulation removal Austin TX
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WARING: Old insulation traps allergens, retains pest feces, and is a big factor in Poor Indoor Air Quality. Find out why attic insulation removal Austin is important below…

Does your insulation look dirty, uneven, compacted? Ever had mice? House uncomfortable? High energy bills?

If yes, then you are in the right place! At Stellrr, we are Changing Lives, Cleansing Homes. This process starts with removal and disposal of the expired insulation. The result is we fix health, comfort and energy savings issues.

On this page, I have answer some of the most common questions we get about Austin insulation removal. After reading this page, the next step is to schedule a Diagnostic Consult. And watch the 10 Secrets Videos.

Front yard view of Stellrr's Austin insulation removal process with the Dumposaurus dumpster on site.
[Photo: Insulation removal with 23HP vacuum and sealed Dumposaurus DinoCover to keep the home & neighborhood clean & safe.]

When do you need Austin insulation removal?

Do you see the attic insulation above? It is no longer bright pink. Why? It has collected pollen, dust, and other allergens. The allergens change the color of the insulation. Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!

Building science concept call “The Stack Effect” shows that those contaminants will make their way into your home breathing air during the warm months.

Many people start considering attic insulation removal in Austin when it is mold, fire damage, water damage, or rodent damage. Also, fiberglass insulation is filled with carcinogens like formaldehyde. I recommend learning about removing insulation and replacing it with clean, healthy, air sealed materials.

Check out my video Secret 2 revealing why most people need old insulation removed. It also explains The Stack Effect which is the cause of indoor air quality problems!

Can I just do insulation installation over my old insulation?

Do you want to amplify the amount of allergens, rodent poo, and chemicals coming into your indoor air? Old insulation removal is essential to creating a clean, healthy, safe living space inside. You cannot air-seal an attic without removing insulation. See video Secret 4.

insulation removal problems
Problem – Dirty Insulation Needs Removal

Are you selling your home, and just want to top it off? Frankly, covering up the problem is not the right thing to do.

When you have damaged insulation, it looses its effectiveness at blocking heat transfer and air sealing. Adding insulation on top of the old is like “Putting Lipstick on a Pig.” It may look better, but it will not fix comfort or energy savings issues. Check out the video to see why.

What you need to know about removing attic insulation

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How do you remove blown-in attic insulation?

Stellrr uses an industrial sucker. It is like a mini jet engine. Actually, it is just a huge 23HP vacuum. We bring a 4-inch tube into the attic and suck the insulation out of the house, to our vacuum, and into a container. Our super safety process minimizes airborne dust, allergens, carcinogens, asbestos, pesticides, and mold from entering your living area.

We use a proprietary Dumposaurus DinoCover to ensure the insulation does not blow all over the neighborhood. Some companies blow the old insulation into large cotton bags. (Not the black plastic bags full of debris that cannot be vacuumed). The problem with vacuum bags is they tear easily and fill up quickly. This can result in insulation blowing all over the neighborhood. It also greatly slows the removal process because the vacuum bags have to be changed every 20 minutes. I do make the Dumposaurus DinoCover available to competitor Insulation Contractors.

Stellrr's Austin insulation removal set-up for cleanliness and safety
[Photo: Stellrr’s Austin insulation removal set-up for cleanliness and safety]

How is batt insulation removed?

Batt insulation requires a different process that involves 55g plastic contractor bags being brought into the attic (see black bags in photo above). The infected insulation is safely placed in the bags, sealed up, and remove insulation from the building. It is placed in the dumpster when the vacuum is turned off. This method still requires professional level safety processes to avoid health hazards and contamination.

How to DIY Austin old insulation removal?

You can try either of the methods mentioned above. However, it is not necessarily a safe option because there are a number of health and safety problems that you could run into. You may not have the experience and safety equipment to properly handle these situations. For example:

  • How should you handle pest and rodent infested insulation to avoid catching diseases from the fecal matter?
  • What is the proper way to safely remove asbestos, and where must asbestos go once removed?
  • What is the proper personal protective equipment for you to wear?
  • How do you avoid damaging the ceiling or stepping through the ceiling?
  • And much more.

What is the next step after attic insulation removal?

Now it is time to fix the “Problem Building Assembly” with the prescribed solutions. In Attics, we install high performance insulation with All Boric Cellulose Insulation, or convert to a Spray Foam Encapsulation. Here is an example of a few things we do after removal:

After insulation removal, a Cleansed Attic Transformed to Open Cell Spray Foam Encapsulation
[Photo: Cleansed Attic Transformed to Open Cell Spray Foam Encapsulation]

How long does it take to do Austin insulation removal?

A professional can do 1,000 square feet in a few hours. At Stellrr, we have 2 vacuums at 23HP each, with the capability of having 3-4 workers vacuuming at the same time. The process takes longer with attic debris. Debris in the attic makes the job harder. It clogs hoses, punctures hoses, and can result hose replacement.

If the house cedar shake roof shingles previously, the process will be slower because insulation debris.

Without the right equipment, you may be working from sunrise to sunset in a very nasty environment. The process may be more complicated when dealing with obstacles in the attic like wires, duct work, and low roofs.

What happens to the insulation after it is removed?

Damaged attic, floor, or wall insulation cannot be reused. There’s no recycling facilities in the Austin area for insulation. That means that the insulation is waste. The bad insulation goes in a dumpster. It’s taken to the landfill for safe disposal. Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!

How safe is it for people to occupy the building while insulation is removed?

In most cases, you can be in the building while insulation is removed. However, it may sound like a jet engine in your ear, so you may want to plan to be out of the building while these home services are performed.

Youre investing in your home. It’s not fun living in a construction zone. Most clients book a hotel or BnB. It’s more relaxing and enjoyable that way.

How much does it cost to have insulation removed?

Removal prices in the Austin Texas area range from $2,300 to $3,500 per 1,000 sq ft of attic or crawlspace. So if you are having insulation removed, and new insulation installed, then you will have no problem meeting the minimum. However, if you are just having it removed, then you may be paying more. Plus, in most cases a rolloff container will need to be rented for proper disposal and those cost about $500 each. Here is an article I wrote on, the cost of insulation work near Austin and why it is rising.

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