Video: Fixing a Competitor’s Mistake on70k sq ft of Attic Insulation

A University of Texas student housing project had energy bills through the roof. The resident students complained of it being “too hot.” It was 100 degrees in the hallways of the 4th floor.

So Quick Residential Rescue and Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam​ teamed up to deliver a comprehensive solution. Stellrr installed 700 bags of insulation in the 140 degree attic over 6 days.

We also discovered over 10 percent of the buildings were missing insulation all together! The original installers completely forgot to insulate a big portion of the living area. Stellrr fixed it!

This 1-year old building had over 7,000 sq ft with ZERO insulation!

We also found several thousand more square feet that was only an R10, when code compliance calls for R38. At the end of the project, Stellrr brought the entire building up to code or better. Plus, we made a lot of friends with the tenants who were scared to renew their lease because of the temperature.

Then after us Quick came in with thermal window tinting, and other energy efficient upgrades. The students were excited that they could already feel a drop in temperature. American Campus Communities (ACC), the property owners, is finally looking forward to their upcoming utility bills.


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