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  • Deep analysis into spray foam vs. blown-in attic insulation.
  • How you can estimate your insulation job COST yourself.
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Need an Insulation Installer for your home in the Bastrop, Lockhart, Elgin, or Smithville Area?

Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam is the only contractor that backs their service with a 200% no-risk money-back guarantee. We are serious about delivering excellent service to our customers.

There is a lot to discover about choosing the right insulation material for you. Stellrr installs:

Check out our cool infographic comparing different insulation materials. You may be surprised at the different factors of each material and how it will perform in your environment.

New & Retrofit Construction Insulation Install

There are many application options to meet the needs of your project.

With a new construction application you can install spray foam or batts in open cavities of the wall. However, with retrofit applications in walls you are limited to blown in fiberglass, or cellulose insulation.

Attics on the other hand are different. In most cases attics can be foamed, batted, or blown in both new construction and retrofit situations.

What types of buildings does Stellar insulate?

Around Bastrop, Lockhart, Elgin, and Smithville we install insulation on a number of different types of buildings including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Cabins
  • Barnominiums
  • Tiny Homes
  • Agriculture & Tanks
  • New Homes
  • Remodeled Homes
  • Shipping Containers
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Recording Studios

If you have a job that needs insulating, call 512-520-0044. We will be happy to visit with you about your needs and our recommendations.

How To Find the Best Insulation Installers in Bastrop, Elgin, Lockhart, & Smithville TX.

Choosing the best insulation installers around Elgin, Bastrop, Lockhart, or Smithville is not something you should take lightly, it is an important decision. You have invested in your home, so before you allow Austin area insulation installers to enter your home to handle a job, it is important the you choose the installers that will offer the best services. That being said, you may not be sure where to start. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the best Bastrop County insulation installers:

1. Word-of Mouth Advertising

As around with those you know and trust about insulation installers they may have worked with in the past. Whether it be family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers, if it is someone you trust, you can rest assured that any references they provide will be valid.

2. Check References

Look into any recommended companies by going over online reviews. If you are interested in a specific insulation installer company, ask them for referenced, including other homeowners that they have worked with, and do your homework looking into them. Also take the time to consult the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and you can ever ask your bank to provide you with a report on their credit ranking.

3. Look Into their Materials

Keep in mind that you want high quality work as well as materials at a good price. Make sure to discuss R-values when you talk with the installer. Keep in mind that thickness, type, and other aspects are what R-values are determined by, so make sure that the materials they will be using are in fact high quality.

4. How Will the Installer’s be Paid?

This is important because a contractor may pay installers by the hour or by the number of square feet that are covered. If they are paid by the square footage, they could be inclined to do a quick job on your house simply so that they can move on to the next.

5. Are they Properly Insured?

Do they have proper insurance to protect the men working in case of an injury? If your house were to be damaged by one of the installers, would their insurance cover the damages? If they say yes, make sure to ask to see proof of current insurance.

6. Certification

Inquire as to whether or not they are certified by the ICAA (Insulation Contractors Association of America) or another organization. You can actually contact the ICAA to ask for a list of contractors in your area that are certified.

7. Reputable

Insulation installers that are reputable should have no problem explaining how the insulation and ventilation that they will be using will work in tandem to create a building envelope that is balanced. As a matter of fact, this is information that the contractor should be providing to you without being asked.

When looking for the best Bastrop insulation installers, it is important they are experienced and routinely complete insulation projects. Be very leery of insulation installers who merely glance around the attic only to suggest a few more inches of insulation, never performing any form of diagnostic testing. You want to hire insulation installers that from the beginning are eager to offer the best services at competitive prices.

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