Rebuild After Harvey | Only FEMA Class 5 Insulation

7-days before hurricane Harvey, my family and I took a trip to Port Aransas TX. The goal was to do some estimates for new construction insulation and have a little fun at the beach with the kids and my in-laws.

We had a great time and little did we know that Harvey would destroy the area just a few days later. This video captures the beauty of the Texas coast, and what we can rebuild it to look like again – together.

This tragedy has millions of Texans wondering how they will get up, repair, and move on?

This will be a long journey to rebuilding.

At Stellrr, part of our mission is to give 10% of our profit to a charity of your choice. But for the next couple months we are going to be focusing 100% of that money on helping the people of small towns who were impacted by the hurricane.

Plus, we plan to be actively involved in the rebuilding efforts when it comes to replacing insulation in impacted buildings. One important factor to consider in preparation for the future is FEMA. Many people will be looking for insulation that is “Acceptable” to FEMA.

FEMA’s only Flood-Resistant Acceptable Insulation

FEMA Closed Cell Insulation Ratings

There are many types of insulation to use for rebuilding. However, the ONLY flood-resistant insulation is closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, according to FEMA. Closed cell reduces risk with the building structure by making the structure stronger, and it makes cleanup less expensive and easier.

In FEMA’s report called “Building with Flood Damage Resistant Materials”, flood resistant means it can hold up during direct contact of flood water for at least 3-days without significant damage.

As you, your friends, and family rebuild along the Texas coast, we will keep you in our prayers. We will also look forward to hearing from you about how we can assist with repairing or replacing your insulation.


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