Hot air in our attics expand and pushes itself down into our air conditioned homes through cracks and penetrations. While hot air leaks in, it pushes out the air you paid to cool. This hot air is full of allergens and is pushed into your breathing air. 

To stop this cycle, we must air seal the home. To properly air seal a home, all the insulation must be removed from the attic. 

With blown insulation, we must vacuum it out in order to air seal it, or it is like laying caulk on the beach. Our ZypFoam doesn’t stick and we cannot air seal. Insulating without air sealing is mal-practice.

Why does old discontinued insulation need to be removed?

  • Remove discontinued insulation with asbestos or formaldehyde
  • Expose to remediate water damage and fungal from past roof leaks
  • Remove the pee and poop from rodents
  • Suck out years of allergens stored in the insulation
  • Suck out nests and breeding grounds for insects

Obviously it would be bad to be breathing air filled with the stuff above. The fact is that until your house is air sealed and old insulation removed, you will be breathing all that nasty air.

If spray foam or blown insulation is put on top of existing insulation, then the nastiness from the old insulation that was vented out is now stuck in the house. Odors that never appeared before may now enter your breathing air. 

Stellrr removes the old insulation so we can air seal the house.

Air sealing allows us to manage the moisture, and kill off dust mites, fungal, mold, and viruses that grow in high humidity.

We highly recommend having the attic sterilized and sanitized after removal to kill off and fully eliminate micro-organisms on the bacterial and fungal level.

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