Soundproofing & Acoustical Barrier Insulation in Austin Texas

Stellrr is currently NOT offering Sound Attenuation services, but feel free to learn all you want.

On nearly every insulation project around Austin TX, we are asked about soundproofing. Why? The best time to have your building soundproofed is when you have other insulation installed. People love to have soundproofing installed because kids are loud, spouses like to watch the TV too loud, and neighbors dogs bark all night long.


How much does it cost to have acoustical sound barrier insulation installed near me?

The only appropriate way to answer this question is with:

  1. How do you intend to use the space?
  2. How big is your budget?

If you are building a recording studio, and need the absolute best, then there is one answer. If you are just trying to help little Jimmy sleep better when little Sara uses the shared bathroom at night, then there is a totally different answer. As for the price, it is priced very similarly to any other insulation install. The more types of materials you have installed, the more complicated and expensive the project will be.

Basic Sound Barrier Solutions in Austin TX

If you just want to reduce sound transmission (most people fall into this category), then there is usually a simple answer.

1st Option — Rock Wool Batts are great for installing in between framing studs in open walls. Rock Wool has a higher STC rating than other soundproofing materials like: fiberglass, open or closed cell spray foam insulation, cellulose, denim, gypsum, and others.

2nd Option — Rock Wool Sound Boards are great if you already have sheetrock up and want soundproofing without removing the drywall.

3rd Option — For walls or ceilings between two floors, fiberglass cellulose, or denim insulation can be blown into the cavity after we drill small 2″ holes in-between each stud. We fill the cavity and plug the hole. Usually it is left up to you to tape, texture and paint over the plugged hole. If required, we can quote that additional service for you.

Sophisticated Acoustical Deadening Solutions

Let’s pretend you are in the CIA interrogating a suspected terrorist with your partner. You can’t risk breaching national security when creating a game plan with your partner in the viewing room.

Here is a great video produced by my friend Matt Risinger who is a local Austin Builder:

10 steps how to soundproof your: recording studio, home theatre, boardroom, executive offices, or interrogation room.

1 — Seal the exterior wall with open cell spray foam insulation so it is an air tight.

2 — Cover all outlets interior wall switches and other penetrations with a acoustic clay pad that adheres to back of a junction box.

3 — Frame an interior wall that sets up against the exterior wall. Set the base plate in a bed of acoustic caulk.

4 — Install a second wall with fiberglass, cellulose, or rock wool insulation at least R13 batts. This will absorb different types of sounds. For example: one type of material may be better at absorbing birds chirping, while a different material stops base better.

5 — Install a metal hat channel with metal isolation clips that allow the drywall to flex in and out.

6 — Put up the first layer of 5/8″ drywall attaching it to the isolation clips.

7 — Prep the second layer of 5/8″ drywall with green glue damping compound for increased mobility and noise reduction.

8 — Attach the second drywall layer to the first with the green glue in-between.

9 — Caulk all drywall joints and sub-floor with a heavy bead acoustic caulk.

10 — Install sound boards on interior walls to reduce any further sound transfer.

That’s it!  As you can see, this is a very detailed process. Most applications don’t require this much soundproofing. However, we have done acoustical barrier installs like this in recording studios and board rooms on occasion.

Here is what to do next:

Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 to share the details on your sound proofing project. We will be happy to help walk you through deciding which on the steps and options are right for your situation and budget.

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