What to Expect from a Good Austin Insulation Company

When you know the right thing to look for in an Austin insulation contractor, you will be better at avoiding problems.

What to Expect From A Good Austin Insulation Company

Here is what you should expect:

+ No hidden costs. Expect an itemized costs for the service and exact prices in writing BEFORE the applicator begins each portion of the service to be provided. Do not feel pressured to accept more services than you request.

+ Client satisfaction. Insulation pros should offer guarantees in writing.

+ Full Audit. Before the insulation pro begins any work they should perform a full written audit of your home’s energy performance to identify the problem areas you know of as well as lurking dangers. They should then provide you a summary and written quote before work begins. Ensure that all work to be done is in the initial quote so you are not signing an “open work order” where they can add things in without getting your per item permission.

+ Ratings & Reviews. A insulation company should have a long list of great ratings and reviews provided by third party verified organizations.

+ Proper Insurance & Credentials. Letting a worker into your home without proper insurance and credentials is a huge liability for you if they get hurt. It is also a liability for you if you get hurt from their work and have no way to recoup damages.

+ A physical business address in the city of Austin indicates that they are a local company and not a national call center that dispatches technicians to every type of construction job.

+ Company information on their truck and rigs. Companies that fail to identify themselves on their work truck may be fly-by-night contractors. Also, if they don’t have “insulation” in their name, this may indicate a general handyman who is the Jack of all trades and the master of none.

+ Clean up. It is good to work with a company that cleans up when they are done because it indicates that they follow through and complete all of their correctly.

+ Clean, organized trucks and uniformed technicians. If the company does not look professional in person, you should have serious doubts about the quality of their work.

The best tip of all on what to expect is this. Expect to trust what your intuition or gut is telling you about a company. Anybody can get their act together to appear to be a good company, but your sense of something being wrong is probably right. Trust yourself, not the salesman.


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