Thanks for reaching out to Stellrr for an estimate. 

Stellrr is for Homeowners & Building Owners who need to fix uncomfortable spaces. 

We refuse work from large subdivision builders. We let the other guys build them, then we fix them. Stellrr specializes in building science to fix uncomfortable buildings.

The demand for Stellrr’s services has been overwhelming.

We have managed the chaos by charging $247 for diagnostic consults as a pre-requisite for creating an estimate. But, we are testing something new, and exciting. We are doing a few significantly discounted or complimentary on-site diagnostics.

Next step, connect with Shelley to see if you qualify for a complimentary consult.

Why doesn’t Stellrr provide blind estimates to just “add some insulation” for you? What you think you need, is rarely what will fix comfort problems. Which means, giving general insulation pricing is a dis-service to you. 

Every other insulation contractor will just go “add insulation” to your building, without fixing the problem. Instead, Stellrr believes in uncovering the hidden problems, and recommending the smartest solution for you. We fix the uncomfortable spaces.

Here is what happens next. 

Shelley will be reaching out to you in the next days to see which direction to take you, depending on the type of project you have.  We look forward to helping you.

With gratitude,


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