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What is this all about?

The estimating process at Stellrr is different. The demand for Stellrr’s services has been overwhelming. 

We were managing the chaos by charging $247 for diagnostic consults as a pre-requisite for creating an estimate. But I didn’t like how that limited who we could help.

I distilled the $247 consult into a great quiz for you. It will diagnose your situation. After completing the quiz, you will receive your prescribed solution and pricing for implementing that solution. 

Then we can discuss the results in detail, which other options cannot be used, and why. 

What does it all mean? 

Simply giving you pricing on insulation is a dis-service to you. Instead, Stellrr wants to uncover the hidden problems, and recommend the smartest solution for you.

Here is what to do now. 

Select your project type below. Complete the brief quiz. Receive your prescription and pricing. 

Now click on the link above. Complete the survey. Then you will get pricing on your recommended solution. I will see you on the inside. 

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