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Quick history of Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Spay foam was accidentally invented in 1937 by Otto Bayer when he successfully synthesized polyurethane foam by mixing wet chemicals to create dry foam. It was not until 1979 that spray foam was first used as building insulation. Today NASA insulates the space shuttle and fuel tanks with 2-pound spray foam insulation to strengthen the shuttle and protect it from heat.

Different types of foam insulation are used as a seamless flat roof coating, for raising concrete slabs, in wall cavities, and attics.

What is polyurethane foam made of?

This insulator is produced by mixing two liquids isocyanate and polyol resin in the tip of a spray gun. It expands in seconds to 30-100 times its liquid size.

According to the US Department of Energy, 40% of a building’s energy escapes from air infiltration via windows, walls, and doorways. Foam is a strong air barrier and thermal barrier.

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Why is polyurethane foam popular?

Spray foam works to block all 3-types of heat transfer found in central Texas:

1. Conductive: the flow of heat through a material to a lower or higher temperature area.

2. Radiant: heat in the form of light warms a surface and is transferred to other materials.

3. Convective: heat is transferred via air or water, which is blocked by air sealing a building.

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Click Here to Compare Insulation Materials

Still not convinced that spray foam is the right product for your project? Check out this infographic:

COMPARED: Fiberglass VS. Cellulose VS. Spray Foams

Project Gallery | Open-Cell Spray Foam

Check out this project gallery of open-cell spray foam installed in custom home build by Stellrr Insulation. See how spray foam air seals the building in every crack and crevice to achieve stellar energy efficiency.

How safe is spray foam?

Foam is non-toxic after it is cured which (when sprayed properly) only takes a few minutes. However, buildings should not be inhabited for 24-48 hours after insulation installation because of vapors still inside the air tight building envelope. For this reason applicators wear full face respiratory protection systems just like professional painters do when spray painting.

How FIRE safe is foam?

Spray foam is a form of plastic, and does not preform well in a fire compared to cellulose. Watch this video on Fire Testing Insulation Materials.

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Which foam insulation type is best for your project?

See the Full Spray Foam Insulation Comparison Infographic Here

You can easily choose one foam versus the other when considering the usage and structural application:

Open Cell Foam: is primarily used in homes walls, attics, and. The foam reduces air and noise penetration. It protects against moisture, improves air quality, but is not as strong as…

Closed Cell Foam: is the only product that should be used in crawl space insulation or metal buildings. Closed cell is used in commercial construction, industrial, and agricultural environments. Three pound closed cell foam is what is used for commercial flat roof coatings and concrete foundation raising. Closed cell used in crawl spaces and metal buildings will generally weigh2-pounds per board foot (12” x 12” x 1”) which is 4-times heavier than 1/2 pound open cell insulation foam. Closed cell increases the racking strength of buildings by 300%, which makes it great at resisting hurricanes and tornadoes. 

What is the R-value?

The R-value of foam varies.  Each manufacturer has a certain R-value assigned to each product they create. For example Icynene insulation has one value while Demilec will vary slightly. Second, the value can change if it is not sprayed according to the manufacturers specifications. Untrained applicators rarely achieve the proper thermal resistance.

Next, what is the density of the foam? Is it half-pound, one-pound, or two-pound foam? For example open-cell (half-pound) foam generally has an value around R-3.5, whereas closed-cell (two-pound) foam is around R-7. Your professional applicator should provide you a full manufacturer’s specification sheet on the product you buy.

Compare Insulation Contractors Work & Prices

spray foam insulation
Photo: Shows how competitors offer lower prices. They actually install less insulation than they quote. We install more than we quote. If you want less, Stellrr can quote you less insulation so you Get What You Pay For, Don’t Fall For Low Price Gimmicks.

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Where to buy polyurethane foam insulation products? How much does it cost?

Cans of Foam

For DIY filling of minor cracks or sealing around windows and doors you can pick up the equipment for a few cans at a local Home Depot or Lowes. Generally sold in 0.75-pound cans.

  • Cost Per (12″ x 12″ x 1″): Extremely High
  • Volume Discount: Almost None
  • Install Time: Evening Project
  • Learn Time: 5-minutes
  • Work Quality:  Good Potential
  • Install Quality: Very Good
  • Energy Costs Savings: Worthwhile

Low Pressure Foam Kits

Low-pressure polyurethane foam kits can be bought online and allow you install insulation in small areas. The kits often cost as much as a you would have to spend on having a professional come out. So you may not have much cost saving. It depends on how small your project is. If you need more than one kit, you are probably better off consulting a professional applicator. Generally sold in 40-pound containers.

  • Cost Per (12″ x 12″ x 1″): Very High
  • Volume Discount: Small
  • Install Time: Slow Weekend Project
  • Learn Time:  4-8 Hours
  • Work Quality: Varies Greatly
  • Install Quality: Needs Improvement
  • Energy Bills Savings: Questionable

Professional Spray Foam Installers

Professional spray foam insulation contractors will have a minimum spend of several hundred dollars because of their cost to come out, and more importantly their opportunity lost cost on doing a small project versus a larger one. However, you should get an estimate from a pro if you are need a couple walls sprayed. When buying a couple walls or more of foam, it is most often less expensive to have a pro install it. Yes, cheaper to hire professional residential insulation installers versus doing-it-yourself. I’ll explain why in the next section that talks about how much foam you need. Installer buys in bulk with a set (2) of 500-pound drums. Sold to you based on the project install scale, difficulty, and a dozen other factors. The simple answer is to get a quote.

  • Cost Per (12″ x 12″ x 1″): Much Lower
  • Volume Discount: Significant
  • Install Time: None of Your Time
  • Learn Time: None of Your Time
  • Work Quality: Good to Great
  • Install Quality: Good to Great
  • Utility Bills Savings: Great to Excellent

Project Gallery | Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Take a peek at this project gallery of CLOSED-cell spray foam installed in an 100+ year old home remodel by Stellrr Insulation. See how rigid closed cell foam maximizes R-value when space is tight and makes a building significantly stronger. Stellar performance delivered!

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How much spray foam do I need in central Texas?

Residential building codes in Texas require foam to be about 4 inches thick. So 1-square foot would equal 4-board feet of material needed. If you have a wall that is 10-feet long by 8-feet tall, your have 80-square feet that needs coverage. To install 4-board feet of foam on an 10′ x 8’wall would require 320-board feet of foam.

To estimate the amount needed for your project add up the square feet of all walls you want foamed. Interior walls can be foamed for sound-proofing. Be sure to count the square footage of all exterior walls as well as the roof for a attic insulation system.

If you have more than a 10′ x 8′ wall to be foamed, you should call a professional installer for an estimate. With spray foam it is usually much more expensive to do it yourself than to hire a pro. This is because insulation contractors have a lot of buying power. Each $100,000 rig can install 1,000-3,000-pounds of foam per day. At that rate they can buy and install the foam for less than you can buy a 40-pound DIY container.

How to install spray foam?

You can get cutting edge training on how to install foam from the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. This is leading training organization for applicators. All of our applicators either have certifications from SPFA, are doing continuing education, or are in the process of advancing their career with SPFA. You can learn more about installing foam by visiting their site. After being exposed to overwhelming process of properly installing foam, you will most likely be asking; who installs spray foam insulation? 

When to install spray foam insulation?

New Construction

Send the blueprints to your prospective insulation contractor as early in the process as possible for an initial estimate. Once the project is “in the dry” the installer should come out to double-check the bid and adjust for any changes made. Confirm dates for the install. Insulation is applied after the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are set up and inspections passed, but before drywall is installed.

Retrofit (Existing Homes, Remodels)

Need to add or replace insulation in your attic, walls, or garage? There are multiple solutions available depending on your needs. You should get an estimate and discuss the details on when to install with a qualified pro. There are many questions to answer depending on your situation, problem and needed results. For example: Will spray foam fix the problem you are experiencing? Do you really just need a Building Energy Performance Diagnostic Audit instead?

Exposed (Metal Barns, Agriculture, Flat Roofs)

Insulating a barn, or other structure with open exposed walls, free of drywall? This type of application can be treated like new construction if there is no concern about the foam expanding an cracking drywall.  Likewise, flat roof foam coatings and agricultural applications can be installed whenever you desire since there are not building inspections that need completing before the install.

What does spray foam insulation cost?

Check out my FREE guide on that reveals what people paid for spray foam and average cost categorized by project type. Read more about the Cost Comparison Report. Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!

Here is what to do next!

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Questions? Call Stellrr at 512-520-0044 today!

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  1. Great post Shawn. I have had several of these questions and none of the other local Austin insulation companies offer anything of value on their website. They just want me to call them so they can pitch me. Thank you for helping me out.

    I didn’t know that we needed to have all our plumbing and wiring inspections done be installing the spray foam. And I was planning to just buy one of those DIY kits online. But now that you laid out how much DIY really costs, I will be hiring a contractor.

    1. Much appreciated Matt. Feel free to reach out to us anytime you have more questions. I look forward to earning your business once you are ready to take the next step. Keep educating yourself. You will be happier with the end result.

  2. Lawrence W. Very informative. I’ve used spray foam on Texas buildings both on the outside (closed cell) and on interior walls (open cell) since about 1988. You taught me more in these books that I knew to ask. Now I am even more delighted I used spray foam for my insulation comforts. On my exterior roof issues, I fought for years to find the leak in the roof….UNTIL spray foam saved my day.

    1. Thanks Lawrence! Yes, the flat roof coatings with spray foam is a great option that most people don’t know about. When you drive around Austin, there are a lot of commercial buildings with the white flat roof coatings, and a lot of them are made out of spray foam insulation.

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