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What to Expect from a Good Austin Insulation Company

When you know the right thing to look for in an Austin insulation contractor, you will be better at avoiding problems. Here is what you should expect: + No hidden costs. Expect an itemized costs for the service and exact prices in writing BEFORE the applicator begins each portion of the service to be provided. […]

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Soundproofing & Acoustical Barrier Insulation in Austin Texas

Stellrr is currently NOT offering Sound Attenuation services, but feel free to learn all you want. On nearly every insulation project around Austin TX, we are asked about soundproofing. Why? The best time to have your building soundproofed is when you have other insulation installed. People love to have soundproofing installed because kids are loud, spouses

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Uncover Your Home’s Hidden Damage!

431 Austinites paid $297 for this Diagnostic Consult, but for a limited time it is FREE! Your Diagnostic Consult Will Reveal… We have been managing the overwhelming request for our services by charging $297 for our diagnostic consults. But for a limited time, we are performing consults at no charge. Book yours today while it

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Insulation Contractor Comparison

When you know what to expect from a good insulation company, you will be significantly better at avoiding the bad guys around Austin TX. There are vital 24-factors to consider when comparing insulation installers. Download the Critical Comparison Checklist to see how each contractor measures up. You will also discover what each factor means to you, and

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DIY Energy Audit Checklist

Here is a shortened DIY Energy Audit version of the 233-point Stellrr Building Performance Diagnostic. Contractors, and Homeowners are lining up to pay $147 for Stellrr to perform a longer thorough version of this inspection. This energy audit checklist is great if you want to skip the line, save $147, and attempt to perform a

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Insulation Install Inspection List

How to know: did your Austin insulation installer do the job right? You inspect their insulation install with this 26-point checklist with critical “what to look for” explanations. As a homeowner it can be a real challenge to know if the fiberglass, cellulose or spray foam insulation installer did the job right. You don’t know what to

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spray foam insulation

Polyurethane Insulation Near Me

If you’re looking for a spray foam insulation contractor, you are in the right place! Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam is here to serve you. Call us now at 512-520-0044. Quick history of Polyurethane Foam Insulation Spay foam was accidentally invented in 1937 by Otto Bayer when he successfully synthesized polyurethane foam by mixing wet chemicals

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NARI - Insulation Remodeling Austin

The Most Expensive Remodeling Mistake Most People Make

You will probably never know about it. Did you know that 40-60% of your home’s energy bill is wasted? That’s right! The US Department of Energy reports that about half of a home’s energy is wasted when it is under-insulated and improperly air sealed. You can save $500 to $1,000 per year on energy bills

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